The UW Health Transplant Program


  • INDUSTRY: Healthcare
  • DEPARTMENT: Transplant Program
  • USE CASE: Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Program Tracking
  • COMPANY SIZE: 7,500 employees


  • Built-in accountability to help comply with governance and leadership requirements
  • Automatic email reminders for better documentation management capabilities
  • Flexibility and visibility to address the specific needs of CMS QAPI tracking

Having AchieveIt helps us do that documentation in a quick, efficient way has been revolutionary in terms of being able to refocus on our core objectives.

Dina Steinberger

Program Director for Performance Improvement within UW Transplant Program

About the UW Health Transplant Program

The stakes are high with organ transplants. One of the most important and inspiring areas of healthcare delivery is Organ Transplant and Procurement. Since there are upwards of 130,000 people on waiting lists and only 15,000 organs available each year, the UW Health Transplant Program must do all it can to increase the success and benefit of transplantation.

The Challenge

Before AchieveIt, UW Health’s teams used Excel spreadsheets to track the projects and complex documentation they were working on. However, the day-to-day complexity of their efforts and density of their compliance legislation paperwork made it near impossible to monitor, prioritize, and execute beyond the day-to-day.

Dina Steinberger, the program’s Director of Performance Improvement, knew that if they were going to successfully prioritize their long-term improvement initiatives, they needed something that could lighten the workload for everyone.

The Solution

The transplant program now uses AchieveIt to provide structure to their many tasks, ease the burden of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) documentation, and add transparency to all aspects of their Performance Improvement programs.

AchieveIt makes it easy to brainstorm and prioritize initiatives in compliance with CMS’s design and scope requirement.

Custom dashboards with live updates ensure the team has the data they need to monitor the program, keep efforts compliant with CMS standards, and be able to quickly address potential concerns along the way.

The Results

AchieveIt has alleviated the administrative burden of compliance documentation, which allowed them to keep the focus on patient care. Perhaps more importantly, AchieveIt has also improved organizational transparency for both internal teams and external CMS Surveyors.

AchieveIt Case Study - The UW Health Transplant Program Excels at Compliance

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