How a nursing board reduced reporting time and enhanced execution engagement through the utilization of AchieveIt

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The North Carolina Board of Nursing was founded in 1903, making it the first Board of Nursing in the nation. Today, it's responsible for licensing over 180,000 Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses across the state.


The dedication of the North Carolina Board of Nursing lies in safeguarding the public's health and welfare by overseeing the provision of safe nursing care. They take pride in their efforts to encourage transparency in data sharing, fostering active participation and creativity. To achieve this, they have developed a strategic plan that serves not only to enlighten their board but also to align with their mission to protect the public by regulating the practice of nursing.


Amidst efforts to ensure transparency, managing the progress of their 4-year plan proved to be a challenging endeavor. The team leaned on what they knew to facilitate this process -- tables in Microsoft Word, due dates, and more. However, the process ran into challenges and shortcomings. Updates, entrusted to a single individual, were circulated a month prior to each board meeting. This manual approach resulted in numerous versions of the updates, creating a labor-intensive task to understand accuracy and timeliness. This led to challenging work to condense and extensive 20-30 page document, even requiring direct involvement from the CEO. The combination of these challenges made year-end reporting a difficult undertaking.


So, they turned to AchieveIt. With automated updates and enhanced reporting, the team gained newfound clarity that allowed them to place their primary focus on the 4-year plan. With more focus, they quickly streamlined efforts leading to more effective execution and the evolution from a four-year strategic plan to an annual roadmap. The output of their new efficient and clear process was the transformation of the exhaustive 20-30 page report into less than 8 pages.


Now, the team is committed to the strategy with a prompt update process and a clear understanding of progress. And instead of cumbersome report compilation, the team has the ability to retrieve data whenever needed. Through an enhanced process and recommendations from AchieveIt Customer Webinars, the team has now shifted their quarterly update process to monthly. And the team now is focused on integrating plans and updates into SharePoint, enabling clear visibility across the organization.

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From day one, AchieveIt helped us communicate the benefits to leadership. And whenever I have a question, the team takes the time to make sure we are successful. I think that is one of the biggest benefits that AchieveIt offers. We don't ever feel like we have to just flounder to figure something out. We always have someone that we can reach out to. I can't say enough about the team. They’re superb!”

-  Angela Ellis
Chief Administrative Officer

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