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Improve strategy execution & performance in state & local government

AchieveIt helps connect, manage, and execute strategic plans and initiatives to improve outcomes and build a more modern, connected government.

Why does state & local government use AchieveIt?

 AchieveIt is trusted by state, county, & city government to improve organizational effectivenessmeasure plan successand report key results to leadership.

Empower your organization to connect, manage, and execute strategic plans & initiatives.

  • Connect all plans & initiatives across plans & departments
  • Create visibility to highlight what needs attention
  • Promote accountability across the organization
  • Enable informed decisions with real-time data & context
  • Embed public-facing dashboards for transparency
  • Establish a single source of truth 

TRANSform planning & execution in your organization

Why current process & tools fall short for state & local government

Every state, county, or city government has plans. But the processes & systems used to execute them aren't built for success.

Excel & Powerpoint, project management tools, business intelligence tools, sharepoint, and more.....

While the systems are great, they simply aren't built to help government organizations track strategic plans and initiatives.

BI Tools

Business Intelligence Tools show just the data


  • Enables visualizations
  • Provides data-driven understanding of "how" the organization is performing


  • Missing the "why"

PM Tools

Project Management Tools are too focused in the weeds...and are disconnected


  • Provides detailed project statuses


  • Impossible to connect projects
  • Difficult to get a big-picture view
  • Not user-friendly

Strategy Tools

Strategy Development Tools just focus on planning, NOT execution


  • Organize plans
  • Create alignment


  • Fail to enable effective execution
  • Difficult to manage multiple plans across the organization
  • Limited flexibility
  • Often specific to one certain planning methodology

PPT + Excel

PowerPoint & Excel are manual & lack version control


  • Simple, user-friendly
  • Easy to customize


  • Causes reporting nightmare across different formats
  • Version control becomes nearly impossible

Connect, manage, & execute your strategic vision with AchieveIt

Build aligned plans with AchieveIt

create connected strategic plans

Establish uniformity in strategic planning -- no matter the planning style

You have your way of planning. Your terms, your structure, your organization. So why limit how you can structure and manage your plans?

AchieveIt lets you create & connect an unlimited number of strategic plans to align plans, progress, & processes across the organization.

Not sure how to best build your strategic plan? Our customer engagement team can provide recommendations based on how other government organizations approach planning & execution.

automate manual processes

Stop chasing down updates across the organization

Are you spending more time collecting & compiling updates than actually doing what you were hired to do? 

AchieveIt automates the entire process - from automatically collecting progress updates to compiling real-time reports & dashboards.

Stop the manual processes and get back to what's most important.

improve strategy meetings

Improve meeting effectiveness & eliminate meetings

Do most strategy meetings consist of going around-the-horn to collect status updates? AchieveIt makes your time, and meetings, more effective

With updates automatically collected and compiled in AchieveIt, your team can come to meetings prepared -- no more wasted meetings. 

Now, time as a team can focus on exactly what needs attention. Spend less time giving updates and more time discussing high-level solutions.

understand historical progress

No more "where's that update again?"

You may be sad, but say goodbye to the multi-tabbed, thousand row spreadsheets and poorly versioned Powerpoints.

With AchieveIt, all plans and initiates across plans and departments are in one single place.

And you're always a few clicks away from understanding the updates and history on any initiative, in any plan, across the entire organization.

achieveit dashboard embedded in public facing dashboard

increase transparency with public-facing dashboards

Easily share progress & results with the public

Government organizations are always under a tremendous amount of pressure from the public. And when it comes to strategic initiatives, it's key to share progress publicly.

Instead of constantly fielding questions & complaints, share real-time results through AchieveIt. 

Whether you communicate with the public via your website, Sharepoint, a proprietary system, or more, easily share information out of AchieveIt with real-time, live updates. 

what local government leaders say about achieveit

Donna B.

Strategic Performance Manager

“We implemented AchieveIt to efficiently collect, manage, and report agency-wide performance measures. Now, our operational activities are aligned with our Board’s adopted Strategic Guide. AchieveIt is incredibly flexible and easy to use from both an administration and end-user perspective - we actually had a 98% data entry response rate in our last reporting cycle! We’ve never seen that kind of participation before now.”

Michael R. 

Deputy Director, Strategic Planning & Performance Management

“For the executives, the lightbulb moment is the backend portion. It’s the dashboards and the multi-plan view and showing them that there’s multiple ways in which they can look at their business that they’ve never been able to before.”

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