Strategic planning software for nonprofit organizations

AchieveIt helps non-profits deliver more of their mission by helping connect, manage, and execute key plans and initiatives. 

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The unique goals and challenges of the nonprofit sector call for an expertly designed strategic plan and careful execution. AchieveIt strategic planning software for nonprofit organizations is uniquely suited for the demands of the nonprofit sector and helps you actualize your goals. 

Strategic planning in the nonprofit sector 

For nonprofit organizations, strategic planning is a critical exercise. In order to best serve the community, strategic plans are leveraged to manage goals, initiatives, and efforts to help change the world. Nonprofit organizations leverage many different planning frameworks, including the balanced scorecard method, to manage integral pillars like client reception, internal process efficiency, finances, and learning and growth. By focusing on planning and strategy execution, your nonprofit organization will have great insight into where you have room for improvement and how your departments can work together to complete your goals.

The challenges of strategic planning for nonprofits

Like organizations in any other sector, nonprofits have to face a few hurdles that come with strategic planning:


Nonprofits are mission-centric, and they focus on achieving goals rather than improving a bottom line. As a result, success can be difficult to measure. It's essential to narrow down your organization's goals and focus on the most actionable, easily measurable ones that will help you drive change.


Unclear accountability is among the largest issues for-profit and nonprofit organizations face. When it's not clear which teams and individuals are responsible for specific tasks, frustration grows for everyone involved. By assigning tasks, making responsibilities straightforward, and holding the right people accountable, you can achieve more and lift the mood of your entire organization.


Goals that are not well-defined, measurable, or actionable are impossible to reach. You can help your plans connect with your organization's reality by aligning your strategies organization-wide. Everyone working on a project should know how their tasks fit into your nonprofit's plan as a whole.

AchieveIt strategic planning software for nonprofits

At AchieveIt, our software helps elevate your nonprofit strategic planning process. We set ourselves apart from the competition with the following features:



AchieveIt has built-in, real-time dashboards so you can see your organization's progress and understand exactly how close you are to realizing your goals.



With AchieveIt, you can clearly designate and assign tasks to teams and employees and ensure that no one is ever confused about their responsibilities or next task. AchieveIt allows you to clearly see which projects are on track, which are ahead of schedule, and which need a push across the finish line. 



AchieveIt helps your employees and departments clearly understand how their work affects larger organization-wide goals. With strategic planning software for nonprofits, everyone can keep their eyes on the prize.

Don't just take our word for it

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"Achievelt is driving better results for that future vision that we’re setting out on, and the direction we want to take our health system. It’s ensuring that we get there and that we optimize the performance along the way.”


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"It’s so difficult for hospitals to keep up with how they’re doing … because they’re using manual tools and processes. AchieveIt, through automating those processes and making it very easy to focus on their initiatives, ensures that those important items continue to be worked on throughout the course of a year."

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