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Leaders leverage AchieveIt to connect and manage plans across the organization into an integrated, unified approach for execution

Effective integrated plan management is key to turn your plans into reality. Many organizations struggle to hit their stride and reach their goals due to siloing of information, disconnected interfaces, and a lack of accountability. Integrated plan management gives you the tools necessary to connect the dots of your departments and ensure your plans are progressing as smoothly as possible. No matter your industry, AchieveIt is designed to help you actualize your goals. 

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Why is integrated management important in strategic plan, program, and project management?

Integrated plan management allows you to track the resources, risks, changes, quality, and schedules of your key projects and plans all within the same interface. Gone are the days of endlessly tracking down information. Without using integrated plan management software, your organization runs the risk of using outdated information and struggling to promote accountability. Integrated plan management software will help you clearly measure the progression of your key plans and initiatives so you can stay on track.

Challenges to plan and project management

Without integrated plan management, your organization faces several unique challenges. From strategic execution difficulties to irregular data collection, unintegrated project plans leave you with no real way to enforce accountability and ensure your project is proceeding on schedule. Here are a few hurdles that might be holding you back:

Lack of accountability

One of the most common leadership mistakes is to create goals and begin projects without enforcing accountability and assigning tasks to specific employees. In the absence of structure, tasks may begin to fall through the cracks and your team may underperform or miss deadlines.

Incorrect or out-of-date information

When you lack centralized plan management and automatic updates, you never truly know how well your plan is progressing. Integrated plan management shows you the truth about your project's execution and speed so you can make better-informed decisions and adjust your approach if need be.

Conflicting updates and information

If your departments and teams use a myriad of different products and software, there are going to be discrepancies between data and updates as they're sent back and forth. Integrated plan management standardizes project updates and ensures that your teams stay organized.

The AchieveIt advantage

AchieveIt's Integrated Plan Management provides your organization with the following advantages, helping you rise above the rest:

Clear responsibilities and accountability

When you implement integrated plan management, you'll create a clear sense of responsibility and accountability on your team. Each of your stakeholders will be able to clearly see how their work influences the success of the whole.

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Consistent measures of success

Integrated plan management gives you the power to ensure your projects are running smoothly. You'll also be able to see how each team member is progressing along their path to success.

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Insight to make great decisions

With integrated plan management, you'll have the power to instantly visualize real-time data on your project's progression. You'll never have to second-guess your data or your decision-making capabilities.

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Consistency in leadership and value

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