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Your textbook case of poor plan execution

It looks a lot like this. You’re charged with the responsibility of teaching members of the community – all eyes on you. You put together a detailed plan to develop new curriculums, fund research, and expand staff. You try to promote visibility, enforce accountability, and create alignment to get your team to commit to the vision of the future. A couple years later, no big initiatives have been achieved. Your plans never made it past the dust-collecting brochure phase.

Strategists of school districts and higher education institutions need a reliable way to track plans to increase graduation rates, boost institutional effectiveness, and bolster enrollment. But tracking metrics in spreadsheets is just letting resources like funding, facilities, technology, and personnel go to waste. Improvement is an active and ongoing process. With the right processes to keep plans alive and collaborative, impactful implementation is possible.

Your 3-part program for success

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By standardizing your reporting, you can better track each of your organization's divisions and help them track their progress. Get a thorough, real-time understanding of your bigger picture with AchieveIt. 


At your university, everyone's work leads to massive accomplishments. Get a clear view of how each department impacts one another and better understand how your work projects are progressing.


With AchieveIt, you'll have the power to enhance your strategy and transform your organization into a site of operational excellence. To help you achieve that goal, our AchieveIt Execution Experts will help you with strategy and risk management. 

Those you can't do... will find a way with AchieveIt

Most school systems manage their plans in spreadsheets. Lots of spreadsheets. As you execute your institutional goals, those spreadsheets get out of hand while manual compilation and report-building hours compound exponentially. When do you get to do the fun part of your job, and actually make an impact on your campus?

AchieveIt is the Integrated Plan Management solution that automates the reporting process, displays real-time data in custom dashboards, holds stakeholders accountable, and keeps execution top-of-mind. Everyone is on the same page – from the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs to visiting fellows – and advancing in the same direction. With our AchieveIt Execution Experts and strategic education planning solutions, you'll never be alone in your process and will always have the power necessary to optimize your progress. We’ll toss our caps to that.

The transparency you need & the dedication you deserve

Automate everything from reports to email update reminders so you can execute your projects

Enforce stakeholder accountability with alignment, ownership, and due dates

Keep your plan leaders updated with consistently fresh data that updates on a schedule

Stay knowledgeable and in-the-know with all your initiatives on the same dashboard

Learn what other educational institutions are doing to build a culture of execution


Key performance indicators for strategic planning for schools

Over the years, we've partnered with Education organizations of all sizes across the country.

Through it, we've learned what makes successful organizations excel. Below are some focus areas we commonly see.

Good strategic objective benchmarks and key performance indicators must be easily quantifiable. The following are some of the best key performance indicators for educational institutions:

Graduation rates

Ultimately, your institution's graduation rate is its most important measurement. One of your key performance indicators must be your matriculated students and those who have partially completed their education. 

Student attendance rate

Tracking your student attendance rate lets you understand the actual occupancy of your institution's classes and your students' performance. Student attendance is also instrumental in deciding whether a student should be allowed to enroll. 

Students on aid

Tracking the percentage of your students who receive aid will allow your institution to better understand how to meet their needs and provide supplemental services. This measurement is also crucial to comprehending which students need further aid or meal assistance.

Tuition costs

After factoring in course credits and financial aid, it's crucial to examine your institution's average tuition cost for recruitment and promotional figures. You may need to review your tuition costs on a quarterly, semesterly, or annual basis.

Percentage of students in focus area

Measuring the percentage of students in each focus area allows you to understand which ones require more investment and which departments fare the best.

Staff retention rate

Having a higher retention rate helps your institution craft better educational departments and create an environment that encourages growth rather than turnover. Higher retention rates also help students build better rapport across the board.

Classroom utilization rates

Ensure you're making the most of your classroom situation by measuring your classroom utilization rate. Make the best use of your campus space and keep classes full. 

Tech department calls

IT is a demanding job, and you want to make sure you're making your IT employees' work as easy as possible. Through tracking IT calls, you can see what tech problems arise most often on your campus and help proactively solve them. 

Percent of students living on campus

Measuring the percent of students living on campus lets you know how much student housing and how many parking spaces you'll need for current and future semesters.

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Organizations that trust AchieveIt

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Associate Superintendent for Educational Services

Jenks Public Schools

"AchieveIt allows our school district to easily track progress towards the goals, strategic objectives, and key measures in our strategic plan. Each individual component can be assigned to a specific owner, and the reporting frequency can be customized easily. In addition, the automated reminders help keep our team on track."

"After implementing AchieveIt, we were able to see how aligned things became. The ability to simply click a button and produce results to share with the organization became such a new and exciting concept for our team.”

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Executive Director of Accountability, Assessment, Research & Evaluation

Richland County School District One


Learn more about how to optimize your plan execution process

It’s never too late to apply what other institutions are doing to accomplish their goals and see their communities flourish. Learn how AchieveIt’s solution for execution, reporting, and best practices can do for you. Call  1.800.535.1559 today or request a demo.