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A show about the space between savvy strategy and practical execution, including everything that can go wrong on the way. Ever drive home from work and don't really remember how you got there?  A lot of companies are like that.  Many of us know where we want to go, but struggle to understand how we’re progressing, & how to ensure we meet our destination.  This show is all about the best laid plans and how companies execute as they scale, implementing processes that achieve goals.

Recent Episodes

Today’s episode features an in-person one-on-one conversation between Joe and Jonathan as they trade thoughts on common mistakes that leaders make in strategy execution, as well as the consequences of those mistakes. Using the news of some costly missteps (and even more costly blame-shifting) from entertainment executives as a jumping-off point, the co-hosts cover everything from effective communication to smart prioritization.

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Eric’s 31 years of experience in nursing helps in his unique role to build effective teams and create long-term relationships with clients. Hear more about how Eric strategically builds and assesses teams, handles workplace turnover, responds to feedback, and approaches customer service.

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As a Strategy and Growth Leader, Teresa Patterson has rich experience in navigating the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care, and the critical role leadership plays in fostering a culture of change and effective communication within healthcare organizations.

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Adam Sidoti, VP of Revenue Operations at Redwood Logistics, uses his legal expertise to stress the importance of grasping personality profiles and organizational philosophies for successful team building.

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Will Ritchings, Director of Revenue Strategy and Operations at Security Scorecard, provides guidance on breaking down data management challenges, offers insights into creating effective dashboard designs, and reveals essential elements for constructing a successful data strategy.

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Daniel Goldstein, Director of Strategy and Operations at Array, shares his experience from over eight years working as a consultant in innovation and incubation and how to best put the right ideas into motion.

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Gary Comerford, a Transformation Strategist, reveals the profound influence of his distinctive background in art and painting on his strategic approach, underscoring the transformative power of storytelling in the digital age.

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Alanna Hughes, the Head of Innovation at Per Scholas, delves into her extraordinary career journey that extends across international development and consulting, ultimately leading to leadership positions within the nonprofit sector.

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Our hosts, Jonathan Morgan and Joe Krause, are joined by seasoned expert Lindsey LeFaivre. They collectively share valuable insights and strategies acquired over their extensive years of experience in the field.

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Meet the Hosts

Jonathan Morgan  |  VP of Revenue Operations, AchieveIt

Jonathan Morgan is the VP of Revenue Operations and Head of Marketing at AchieveIt. Jonathan has spent time in roles across strategy consulting, sales, customer engagement, marketing, and operations, enabling a full picture view of strategy & strategy execution. His generalist background encourages a full picture view of strategic planning & strategy execution. Jonathan graduated from Georgia Tech and received his MBA from the University of Florida.

Joe Krause, M.S., MBA  |  vP of Customer Engagement, AchieveIt

Joe is a co-founder of AchieveIt, and over the past 10 years has helped customers execute thousands of strategic, operational, and project plans. Joe is passionate about helping teams drive toward successful business outcomes with a focus on practical, easy to use advice. Joe graduated from Seton Hall University with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and obtained a Master’s of Science in Healthcare Communication from Boston University. Joe is recently completed his studies at Rutgers University where he obtained a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.


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