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Value based packages to ensure 

long-term planning & execution success

Every organization is different, so our pricing is custom built to ensure your success.

Unlike other vendors, our packages include everything needed to ensure full implementation and adoption of the AchieveIt platform.

We're committed to being more than just software.


For execution-focused teams looking to improve planning & execution

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Best for medium to large organizations looking to improve visibility & accountability


Solutions for larger organizations with multiple locations that need additional features & support

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All plans include a 20 user minimum





Unlimited plans & projects

Access to core platform features

Custom Statuses

Single Sign-On (SSO)



Implementation planning calls

Plan loads / Data migration

5 plans

10 plans


User Training & Certification




Execution Fundamentals Workshop




Plan Optimization




Ongoing Support

Designated Customer Success Manager

Strategy Consultant

Status Calls




Refresher Trainings




Dashboard Creation & Optimization




Strategy Calls



Business / Plan Review



Plan Facilitation Workshop


Working Sessions


Ready for a Proof of Concept?

Interested but not quite sold? Request a proof of concept where we'll walk you through a demonstration of the platform customized with your specific plan details so that you can truly get an understanding of how AchieveIt can work for your organization.

Frequently asked questions

How long is implementation & are there additional costs?

Our goal is to have you implemented as quickly as possible. For most customers, the time from signed agreement to first live plan and update collection is under 30 days. We will partner with you to design an implementation timeline that fits your organization’s needs and schedule.

The cost of implementation is included in each package. If you need additional services, workshops, or help building plans and processes, we will work to configure a partnership fit for your organization.

What's included in my account setup?

Our biggest focus is your success. That’s why we focus on implementation and ongoing support vs simply handing over the keys.

Every engagement includes a designated Customer Success Manager & Strategy Consultant that partners with your organization.

Your engagement team will customize an implementation that fits your schedule and needs, complete with both in-person and remote sessions.

Beyond software training, we engage your team in strategy and execution workshops to ensure everyone knows why implementing AchieveIt is so important. Lastly, we help kickstart your implementation by loading in your existing plans and initiatives into the platform.

Can we easily add users if needed?

Absolutely. We make it easy to add and purchase users throughout the entire engagement. We build in tiered user pricing to eliminate any future questions around additional user costs.

Do you offer a free trial?

While we don’t offer a standard free trial, we will work with you to feel confident in your decision to partner with us.

For most, this is a customized demonstration of the platform where we leverage your plans and data to display a real-world view into how AchieveIt will look in your organization.

We also offer a Results90 program to enable customers to get started with a 90-day engagement before committing to a long-term partnership. Ask us for more details!

How can I ensure my team will adopt & use this going forward?

Adoption is a major focus for our team. First and foremost, the platform is designed to be easy for all users in your organization. And training is a breeze with most individuals only requiring 30 minutes of training to be successful.

Additionally, we’ve built our customer engagement team to focus on a strong implementation process and ongoing support. We marry plan management best practices with software training to instill the why behind the how, leading to successful implementations.

Beyond implementation, we partner with you through regular touch-points and in-person engagements.

Does your software follow a specific planning methodology?

Nope! AchieveIt was built for one main purpose: helping organizations accomplish their most important plans and initiatives. Because organizations across industries and planning methodologies need to leverage AchieveIt, we’ve designed the platform to be flexible to any planning methodology.

Whether you leverage the Balanced Scorecard, OKRs, OGSMs, or your own proprietary method, AchieveIt was built for you.

Do you integrate with other software platforms?

Yes. AchieveIt’s Data Integration API allows you to import key business metric data from existing systems into your AchieveIt instance. Eliminate the need for users to enter data in multiple places, reduce errors, and save time. Your AchieveIt Integration Team will work with you through this process.

Do you offer flexible payment terms?

Absolutely! While many customers choose to leverage annual payments, we have options for monthly/quarterly payments and delayed billing. Ask us for more details!

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AchieveIt is a leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) on G2
AchieveIt is a leader in Strategic Planning and Execution on G2
AchieveIt is a leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) on G2

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