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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | How CHI Health Succeeds with AchieveIt

By Paige Pulaski Jones

The CHI Health hospital group uses AchieveIt to execute huge initiatives – such as tracking strategic plans or launching new programs – across service lines and geolocations. Myra Ricceri has been dubbed the “AchieveIt Queen” by her team. In her work as a Performance Excellence Coach Coordinator for CHI Health, Myra oversees major process improvement […]

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Are You Working on the Right Initiatives?

By Paige Pulaski Jones

Your organization’s success revolves around choosing initiatives that have the highest impact on your targeted measures. In many cases, plans are never revisited to ask the question, “Are we working on the right initiatives?” In this video recording, Joe Krause and Danny Sehr share lessons learned from leaders who are making time for innovation by […]

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Getting Strategy Done

By Paige Pulaski Jones

Michael Wilkinson (Leadership Strategies) will join Jonathan Morgan (AchieveIt) in conversation to discuss – from their perspectives – where planning is stalling, succeeding, and evolving. Michael and Jonathan will address trends in strategic planning and plan execution for operational, change management, and process improvement plans, and how to pivot where we’re falling short. Listen to […]

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | The Secrets of Accountability

By Paige Pulaski Jones

Accountability is like rain. Everyone knows it’s good for you, but nobody wants to get wet. The term “accountability” is so frequently used that it loses its meaning in organizations. This predictably erodes any attempts at building a culture of accountability, and the plans and initiatives you’re trying to execute – strategic, process improvement, cost […]

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Strategy Execution is Change Management in Disguise

By Paige Pulaski Jones

Only 1 in 3 organizations will enable their teams to successfully execute process improvement, cost reduction, operational excellence and strategic initiatives this year. That means 67% of companies are going to fail to meet their goals. To achieve their organizational goals, successful organizations have figured out how to navigate change management. No matter the type […]

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Stress Test Your Most Critical Business Plans: Mitigating Risk in Strategic and Operational Plans

By Paige Pulaski Jones

There are steps you can take to help lower the risk in your most critical business plans (whether cost optimization, process improvement, operational, or strategic), maximizing the opportunity to achieve your 2018 objectives. Stewart Brown of Dunkirk Partners shares how to evaluate your strategic or operational plan for possible areas of risk, reframe initiatives to […]

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