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AchieveIt helps organizations connect, manage, and execute their most important plans and initiatives.   

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Why your current process & tools fall short...

Most planning and execution processes are broken. It’s not that you meant to have the wrong process. Most organizations just turn to what they already have and know to help organize, drive and report on the process.

Some use a project management tool or business intelligence system, but the majority resort to Excel and PowerPoint. These tools are simply not built for plans that are integrated and span across departments and locations.


  • Enable visualizations
  • Provide data-driven understanding of "how" the organization is performing
  • Missing the "why"


  • Provide detailed project statuses
  • Impossible to connect projects
  • Difficult to get a big-picture view
  • Not user-friendly


  • Organize plans
  • Create alignment
  • Fail to enable effective execution
  • Difficult to manage multiple plans across the organization
  • Limited flexibility
  • Often specific to one certain planning methodology


  • Simple; user-friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • Causes reporting nightmare across different formats
  • Version control 

Finally, make both planning AND execution a competitive advantage

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Connect plans across your organization

AchieveIt’s integrated plan management software connects all your plans in one place. Now you can track, report, and analyze your organization’s key plans in real-time using a single, automated platform.

One click for context

No more multi-tabbed, thousand row Excel spreadsheets. Just one click gives you a full history and up-to-date information on your plans. 

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Increase focus

Make your meetings count. Spend less time giving in-person updates and discussing items that are tracking well. Spend more time discussing high-level solutions for the items that need attention.  

Enable proactive response

See issues as they arise with real-time visibility, so you don’t get stuck dealing with major problems weeks after they’ve wreaked havoc.

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Establish a source of truth

Tie all your strategies and tactics back to high-level results and overarching goals so you can see results and make course corrections.

What makes for

good strategic and operational planning?

When you have a well-developed strategic plan, you'll have the insights and accountability necessary to meet your goals and objectives. At AchieveIt, we understand that a strategic plan is never a one-size-fits-all document. Yours needs to be customized to suit the organization and culture of your business. Regardless of your approach, your unique strategy should consist of a cascading approach that focuses on multiple elements like objectives, strategies, and tactics.

Here's a look at how these components cascade for a complete strategic planning, management, and execution approach:

With AchieveIt, it's easy to keep track of all your objectives, strategies, and tactics in one place.

  • Objectives

You have to measure your plans to attain them. Your organization's objectives should be quantifiable targets that act as a baseline performance measurement. It's best to be as specific as possible and to set strict dates to accomplish your objectives.

  • Strategies

In simple terms, a strategy is a collection of tactics. It's the bet you make on how to attain your objective. Strategies are composed of action-oriented items that must be implemented to achieve your organization's wider objectives. In addition to strategies for meeting project goals, you can use AchieveIt to set strategies for goals like boosting client satisfaction and improving business infrastructure.

  • tactics

Your tactics are the assignments that your team must carry out individually. Together, these items comprise your strategy. AchieveIt allows you to keep track of your business's tactics with specific deliverables and due dates. You can also assign them to specific team members for increased accountability.

See the AchieveIt advantage

Why choose AchieveIt?

When you choose AchieveIt, you're investing in an integrated plan management software that allows your business to gather and report uniform data so you know exactly what needs attention. We help you achieve workplace accountability so nothing in your organization falls through the cracks and you can prevent issues before they start.

The AchieveIt, cloud-based & FedRAMP authorized software allows you to make the best decisions possible by providing a steady stream of real-time data. We give you the big picture. You can use various views to help you visualize your organization's success:

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Tree View

This visualization gives your team members a quick measurement of how their goals align and interact with one another. Studies show that alignment strongly impacts plan success, and the Tree View is set up to ensure everyone is aligned and on the same page.

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Performance Dashboard

This view gives you the ability to see what percentage of items are on track in your overall plan performance. You can see quick percentage charts of your aggregate statuses, progress updates, and upcoming due dates. You can also get a quick glimpse of what strategies are off track or at risk of completion. The dashboard makes it easy to track upcoming issues and risks so you can prevent problems before they start.

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Multiplan View

With multiplan view, it takes just seconds to see how well your strategies are being executed across the entire organization. This view allows you to sort your plans by department, levels, name, status, due date, and accountability.

Uncover new ways to achieve your goals

As the only purpose-built integrated plan management solution, AchieveIt gives you the ability to track and report on all of your interconnected plans in a single, automated platform. It combines all the best parts of multiple tools in one single platform.


Turn manual work into automated insights and improve plan execution


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Increase buy-in from stakeholders and better align initiatives



Connect key projects, programs, and initiatives across your organization



Align teams with your organization's most important plans and initiatives, no matter their location


Organizations that trust AchieveIt

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Medical device company achieves global workflow of clinical studies


Industrial manufacturer eliminates competing data across departments

“For the executives, the lightbulb moment is the backend portion. It’s the dashboards and the multi-plan view and showing them that there’s multiple ways in which they can look at their business that they’ve never been able
to before.”

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Deputy Director, Strategic Planning & Performance Management

Fulton County Government

“It’s so difficult for hospitals to keep up with how they’re doing…because they’re using manual tools and processes. AchieveIt, through automating those processes and making it very easy to focus on their initiatives, ensures that those important items continue to be worked on throughout the course
of a year.”

 customer logo johns hopkins childrens

Project Management Coordinator

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

“People are now seeing things that are visibly out there. We have the communication lines open between the different departments. They’re actually communicating more about, ‘This is really how the process works.’ People are having those conversations and figuring out solutions that they never would’ve gotten if they didn’t know this.”

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Manager, Global Clinical Trial Support


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Consistency in leadership and value

AchieveIt Best in Category - FeaturedCustomers 2020
AchieveIt is a leader in Strategic Planning on G2
Software Advice Recommended for Reporting Software Mar-21
GetApp Recommended for Reporting Software Mar-21
AchieveIt named one of Inc 5000's America's fastest growing private companies

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