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Let's say your organization has defined its goals, created a realistic timeline, and finalized an actionable strategic plan. Strategic planning is a necessary first step to actualizing your organization's goals, but you still have to consider the gritty details. An operational plan will help you keep your team accountable and identify and define the actions necessary to achieve your goals.

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What Is operational planning?

While strategic planning centers on organizing and defining your long-term goals, operational planning helps you manage the day-to-day actions necessary to make progress. Chances are high that your departments already have some form of operational plan in place. Your operational plan should cover the who, what, where, when, and why of your operation.

The challenges of operational planning and execution

With so many moving parts, creating a successful, actionable operational plan takes careful consideration. Some of the most common hurdles in operational planning and execution include:

Inconsistent reporting

Compared to strategic planning, operational planning tends to be more detailed and complex. Since your operational plan applies to so many people, there's a high risk of human error in recording and reporting data across multiple channels.

Unclear accountability

Your organization needs clear standards for accountability. When everyone knows their responsibilities, they're more likely to stay on track. Through comprehensive operational planning, you will always know which employees are excelling and which are falling behind.

Multiple means of reporting

When you have more than one form of reporting, it's easy to lose key details in the mix. Collecting data over emails and in meetings is inefficient. Connected planning software can help you standardize your information and how you collect it.

The AchieveIt difference

AchieveIt software helps you stick to your operational strategy and keep track of your projects as they progress in real-time. With our software, your employees will always know what to work on and how their plans are progressing. They'll also understand exactly how their work helps your organization achieve its goals. 

Real-Time Data Visibility

AchieveIt gives you real-time data insights into your employees' progress. There's no need to wade through email chains or track down your team members for updates. 

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Increased Accountability and Responsibility

With real-time insights, you'll be able to hold your employees more accountable for their work and get a better grip on who's responsible for what projects. AchieveIt also allows you to identify projects that are in trouble before they fall behind. And these insights also help reward teams that consistently deliver results. 

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Greater Initiative Alignment

When you're overseeing a large body of workers, it can be difficult to connect the dots and show your teams how their work aligns to meet greater goals. AchieveIt helps to reveal how your departments work together to achieve organization-wide milestones.

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Consistency in leadership and value

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