How Clerks of the Circuit Court improved the timeliness and quality of information to surpass their strategic objectives with AchieveIt

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Since 1868, the Florida Constitution has governed the citizens of Florida. To ensure a system of checks and balances for the public, the position of Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller was established as an elected public trustee. In Florida, the independently elected Clerks & Comptrollers take on essential roles, such as record keeping, information management, and financial management for both the judicial system and county government.


Throughout Florida, Clerks of the Circuit Court and Comptrollers maintain high volumes of information and provide many services that support Florida’s justice system and county government. The establishment of a standing strategic planning committee has proven instrumental in fostering organizational growth. Annually convening its members, the committee has exhibited a renewed vigor since 2018, primarily concentrating on the critical domains of governance and strategic planning.


While the initial strategic planning process had moderate success, tracking the established plan proved difficult. The plan was contained in an unwieldy Word file with over one hundred pages. Version control during execution became an issue, further amplified by the document's size and complexity. Siloed operations across locations and teams hindered coordination among departments. This made communication across teams difficult and reduced team accountability. All of this hampered execution and made it challenging to monitor what mattered most.


So, they turned to AchieveIt. The previous plan in Word was transformed into the AchieveIt platform with manual processes quickly replaced by simple automations. The team was quickly impacted by improved performance and concrete outcomes. Crucial data that was once difficult to access, was now easily accessible, seamlessly fitting into team and committee meetings. And cross-team inquiries could quickly be tackled, fostering transparency and collaboration. This progress was rooted in enhanced accountability and assigning a single owner to each task, which improved communication. With monthly progress updates, historical data was easily incorporated to avoid overlooking past achievements and ensure precision.


Now, AchieveIt, and the newfound execution process are embedded into internal processes. Team meetings emphasize status reviews and nurture a collaborative environment. Newly created dashboards enable visual representation of objectives and an ever-important focus on strategic planning. So instead of wrestling pages of poorly-versioned Word files, the team can focus on what it does best – delivering on its mission to be united statewide to protect the public trust.

Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers_AchieveIt
Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers_AchieveIt
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AchieveIt is a ground-breaking solution that ensures the success of our company's high-performing team. Leaders across all functional areas are provided with easy-to-access, up-to-date progress of ongoing projects, initiatives, and research & development. More timely, quality information has led to better decision making, allowing us to exceed our strategic goals.”

-  Kimberly Renspie
Director of Strategic Initiatives

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