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How a local government agency reversed pain-staking data collection and is diverting time and energy back into the community with AchieveIt

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With its historic roots reaching as far back as 1831, the City of Greenville is a flourishing destination for all ages. Located in upstate South Carolina, among the picturesque foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this vibrant city buzzes with economic progress and unprecedented urban development opportunities alongside an eclectic array of arts and entertainment experiences that make it difficult to resist exploring.


To continue development and growth, the City Council passed GVL2040, a comprehensive plan to shape the city’s growth and evolution over the next two decades. Community input during the planning process revealed that Greenville residents want continued growth for their city, thus GVL2040 plan was created based on how the community wants to grow.


To manage the plans, the city leveraged internal excel spreadsheets and word documents. With numerous initiatives and people involved, regular challenges materialized related to the quality and quantity of information. What was originally meant to be a brief quarterly update, quickly turned into a 180-page word document. Faced with the difficulty of acquiring timely and quality information, the team became stuck in a pattern of creating plans but not tracking progress towards meaningful goals. This made it difficult to assess whether goals or objectives had been met, leaving the team without viable metrics for growth.


So, they turned to AchieveIt. Switching from a manual method to an automated platform enabled them to easily include all the details needed to provide timely updates to stakeholders. They’ve also improved the quality of updates and accountability by assigning responsibility directly to the individual employees closest to the work. This ensures accurate, timely information from the person most familiar with the projects and plans. Through improved tracking, they’re now able to manage progress across a yearly internal work plan, department-specific strategic plans, and city-wide plans, including the award-winning comprehensive plan, GVL2040.


Now, they are implementing and tracking plans in a way that is succinct and consistent across city departments. Staff can easily identify and provide updates to stakeholders with the confidence that the information is timely and accurate. Outside of key plans, individual departments are now tracking additional plans, driving more benefits across the city. And instead of being focused on collecting updates, they can spend time and energy driving benefits to citizens, elected officials, and staff. They even hope to soon publish a public-facing dashboard on the City’s website so citizens and visitors can view progress on projects and initiatives of importance.

City of Greenville, South Carolina
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AchieveIt has allowed me to focus my time and efforts on priority projects while improving the quality of internal and external reporting. I now spend my days working on projects and substantive initiatives instead of soliciting updates and fighting with formatting. AchieveIt does it all for me!”

-  Megan Young, MPA, PMP
Assistant to the City Manager

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