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How a bank unlocked the key to cultural success and improved the quantity and quality of execution with AchieveIt

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Androscoggin Bank has been connecting individuals, businesses, governments, and non-profits with reliable financial services since 1870. Their strategy is simple, attract and empower a rare team of employees who care deeply about each client’s story and can deliver the highest level of service every day.


At Androscoggin Bank, they prioritize innovation and cultivating relationships to maximize the productive time spent with customers, community members, and colleagues. To ensure their strategic initiatives stay on track each month, a project management coordinator is responsible for collecting updates from project leaders. These are stored in an Excel spreadsheet for easy viewing by executives as needed.


This process created a big challenge with communication. Spreadsheets weren’t available for everyone and there were often different versions in circulation. This made it difficult for leaders to be aware of changes or issues with the project and opportunities to provide support were missed. It also made decision making difficult because leaders were never sure if they had the most current project status. This led to unnecessary frustration.


The Bank turned to AchieveIt for help. The easy-to-use platform provides real time monitoring of projects and initiatives. All project leaders have access to review and updates their projects and automated weekly reminders keeps the information current. A strategic dashboard allows leaders to view the most current project status any time, in one place. The new technology enabled leadership to quickly identify failing projects or resource constraints and provide timely interventions to ensure ultimate success. To keep everyone motivated and focused, the CEO made sure this dashboard stayed visible by placing it prominently on display in his office.


The implementation of AchieveIt was key to improving the quality of execution on projects which are critical to achieving the Bank’s strategic vision. The Bank saw improvement in the number of successful project completions on time and in scope, plus enjoyed a less than 5% project cancellation rate. AchieveIt supports the organizational culture of ownership, empowerment, and connection by aligning teams to effectively support mission, vision, and values.

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AchieveIt is a game changer in that the solution makes it so much easier for success as a high preforming team. Leaders across all functional areas are up-to-date with the progress of our projects, initiatives and research & development. More timely and quality information has led to us to exceeding our strategic goals by making better decisions.”

-  Doug Smith
SVP, Director of Bank Operations

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