Fighting diseases in the United States

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The JPC provides cost-effective, centralized, pathology subspecialty expertise, the sole veterinary pathology training source for the US military, and Stewardship of a tissue repository unparalleled in size, age, and diversity. They serve the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other federal agencies. They partner with US and international academic and scientific institutions to advance pathology research and education.


One of the many missions of the Joint Pathology Center (JPC) is to eradicate contagious diseases. Although many have previously been eradicated in the United States, outbreaks still occur in other world regions and continuing to better understand the pathology of the virus is critical. This takes coordination with health professionals across the globe through numerous integrated plans and projects. With data heavy collection across any number of plans being reported in various formats they were challenged with getting a single view and understanding of the data and plan progress.

The challenge inhibited their ability to:
- Have information in time to inform critical decisions
- Understand how their plans were progressing in time to influence the outcomes
- Be able to report quickly with real-time data
- Ensure there was no redundancy of work or effort 


By implementing the AchieveIt Integrated Plan Management solution, the team has greatly improved organizational performance in three key areas.

UNIFORMITY: With a standard reporting protocol, a shared plan, and uniform performance language, they now can truly compare results and gauge performance over time. They are also capturing learnings to apply to future missions and efforts.

VISIBILITY: Monthly dashboards include critical metrics and are automatically sent to key management and team members prior to review sessions. The team now has both the data and the necessary context to make meetings efficient. All of this ensures they maintain focus on the most important areas to drive execution and improve outcomes.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Teams working in silos created a lack of understanding on how their work impacts and intersects with others. This is now an issue of the past. Each team member knows what they are personally accountable for and has an easy, intuitive interface to provide status updates. The AchieveIt platform lets team members see how their work is connected to other teams and the overall critical missions of the organization.

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