On-Demand Webinar: Demystifying Brilliant Execution

Strategic Execution

Demystifying Brilliant Execution: A System to Operationalize Strategy

During a recent study, a large group of executives and leaders were surveyed to identify the most common roadblocks they face while implementing strategy throughout their organizations. The vast majority of strategists rated their organization as suffering under lackluster performance and producing unsatisfactory results.

Many of these challenges fall under the broad category of “operationalizing” strategy – the process of embedding strategy and execution into the day-to-day life and operating rhythm of your organization. The organizations that can successfully operationalize their strategy effectively and execute against it will end up producing the best results.

Watch this webinar to hear Todd Garretson, CEO and Chief Strategist at CircleMakers, discuss how the highest-performing organizations operationalize strategy and how you can recreate their systems within your organization to solve the mystery of brilliant execution.


You will learn:

  • 5 major building blocks that define high-performing organizations and how to bring them to life in your organization
  • A repeatable system that will align and mobilize teams and individuals to execute brilliantly
  • The 6 must-have meetings for all organizations and the desired outcome of each
  • The tell-tale signs that your organization has successfully operationalized its strategy!

About the speaker:

Todd Garretson, CircleMakers


Todd Garretson
CEO & Chief Strategist, CircleMakers

With over fifteen years of experience leading market share growth initiatives of top consumer brands in Fortune 500 and privately-held business environments, Todd Garretson advises and helps organizations identify new growth potential, craft strategy that moves people to action and enhance overall performance. Having a passion for helping people and organizations to unlock dormant growth potential, Todd writes and speaks for audiences in three core areas: leadership, business growth strategy and personal/professional growth.

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