Top 5 Articles to Kick Start Your Strategy Execution in 2017


Top 4 Articles to Kick Start Your Strategy Execution in 2017

The last few months have been filled with meetings and sessions focused on building out your strategic plan for 2017. Hopefully by this point, your plan is written, and it’s time to execute. But unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. Strategy execution is really where the rubber meets the road, and your organization, as a whole, is put to the test. To help combat some of the common strategy execution struggles, we compiled a list of the top 4 articles you should read to kick start your 2017 strategy execution.

1. Execution is a People Problem, Not a Strategy Problem

This article says it perfectly, “While strategy development and communication are about knowing something, strategy execution is about doing something.” Building a strong, executable plan is anything but easy. But getting the people in your organization to execute on that strategy is ten times harder.

Strategy execution requires strategic action

And no matter how great a strategy might be, it’s worthless without proper execution. To bring in the results you’re looking for, the most important strategy question you should be asking yourself is…
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2. 7 Signs of Poor Strategy Execution

New studies suggest only 13% of companies effectively execute on their strategies. Clearly, there’s a disconnect between the plan outlined by leadership and the on-the-ground strategy execution by employees on the front-line. This disconnect can have a profound effect on organizational success, as failure to realize strategy often means…
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3. How Strategy Can Fuel Or Frustrate Your Big Data Initiatives

We can all agree that tying measurable analytics to your strategic initiatives can be extremely beneficial in determining the success of your strategy execution efforts.

Communicating your plan is key to successful strategy execution

But where things get sticky is in determining what you should be measuring. Why? So many organizations fail to properly define and clearly articulate what exactly their core business strategies are…
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4. 5 Ways You Can Increase the Success of Your Strategic Management Plan

If your strategic plan is the roadmap, then the strategic management plan is the vehicle you take to navigate that map. You cannot have one without the other, yet 70-90% of plans fail due to lack of execution. Here are five takeaways that can help you improve your strategic management plan’s chances of success…
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On your mark, get set, execute

Ready. Set. Execute.

If you want to drive strategy execution to new heights, you need technology that will provide you with the tools, resources and automation required to keep your highest achievers on track.

The AchieveIt Execution Insight Platform is the ideal solution. It gives you a bird’s eye view of your plan and its status in real-time. Not only does it keep people accountable by letting you assign every task to the individual in charge and then requiring updates at the frequency you desire, but it quickly compiles the metrics you are tracking and uses dashboard technology to show you exactly where you are on your path of strategy execution.

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