Strategic Planning Example: The 5-Level Plan Hierarchy

By Joseph Krause

5 Level Strategic Planning Example

Strategic Planning Example: The 5-Level Plan Hierarchy

I think it’s time that I share with you one of the most important planning documents I provide for my clients as they’re developing their strategic plans. This is a strategic planning example with a 5-tier hierarchy.

Strategic Planning Example

(Strategic Planning Example)

Strategic planning can sometimes be a daunting task because you have so many ideas for your organization and it’s difficult to know where to begin. This is why I always refer to the 5-level strategic plan graphic above. The great thing about a 5-level plan is that each level within the hierarchy is completely different and easy to formulate.

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Strategic Planning Example

Let’s build out a 5-level strategic planning example that centers on someone’s personal development:

Strategic Theme: Physical health, Career, and Relationships. I listed three examples of themes but we’ll stick with the area of physical health this time. Remember, themes are the high-level initiatives or items your plan needs to cover. A typical business plan may have themes such as Quality, Customer and Finance.

Goal: To feel better and have more energy.  This is a non-quantifiable measure and it covers many of the benefits you hope to achieve. Ideally your goal statements should communicate “what good looks like,” which should inspire you to do great things.

Objective: Lose 25 pounds by 6/30/2017.  An objective is all about: how much, by when. So, if you can increase, decrease or maintain the item you’re tracking, then it’s truly quantifiable, and therefore, a perfect objective. This is the most important portion of the plan because it allows you to easily judge success or failure.

Strategy: Implement a physical fitness program. Think of this level as your projects that will help you move the needle on the objectives you’ve set.

Tactic: Meet with a physical trainer at L.A. Fitness. Tactics are the assignments you’ll try to complete in order finish your project.

Seethat wasn’t so bad. Once you’re done with the physical health theme, you would follow the planning diagram to flesh out the other areas of your plan, like career, relationships, etc.

I hope you find this strategic planning example helpful in your planning efforts. But don’t forget– creating your strategic plan is only the beginning; the hard part is executing it. That’s when you call AchieveIt.

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