The Cost of Using Excel for Strategic Plan Management

Results - The Cost of Poor Execution

We’ve all used it. And we all know better.

Excel, SharePoint, and SmartSheet just don’t solve the execution gap. If you need the swift kick in the pants to finally do something to make your life easier and your plan more effective – you’ve found the guide that will shock you into action.

If you’ve come this far in looking for a solution to your problems, you don’t need convincing that using spreadsheets to keep track of complicated initiatives is a headache. But, do you know the hidden costs and dangers of sticking with the status quo?

If you think it may be “more complicated than it’s worth” to implement, train and adapt to using a new software, do you know what you’re really risking by continuing to use a spreadsheet? (Hint: The error rate alone will make you second guess everything you’ve ever tracked in Excel.)

Don’t let another month go by where you spend hours pestering people for updates, reading through emails from contributors and pulling data into an error-prone spreadsheet to export it to a graph to put into a PowerPoint to show the Board of Directors information that, by the time they see it, will already be out of date. Seriously, stop doing this to yourself.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The not-so-obvious dangers of staying with the status quo
  • Next steps to take towards flexible and agile organizational planning
  • What to look for in a plan execution reporting and management tool
  • A comparison of Excel to specialized plan execution software

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