The Definitive Guide to Healthcare KPIs

Defining Common KPI Terms and Making it All Fit Together

In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, organizational leaders must be more knowledgeable than ever if they want to enhance execution and drive results. This requires a true understanding of the terms and hierarchies involved in the planning and structuring of their organizations.

This guide is designed to walk you through this process in a straightforward manner. From definitions to best practices, it really is your ultimate resource for navigating the complex world of KPIs in the healthcare arena.

Filled with explanations, practical examples and useful information on how to distinguish between a business process and a service line or a KPI from a strategic plan initiative, you will be better prepared to lead all of your strategic initiatives and start seeing results with this by your side.

Download this guide, The Definitive Guide to Healthcare KPIs, to gain a deeper understanding into commonly used terms such as core competencies, key business processes, key performance indicators, etc., and how to effectively structure them to drive results.

Definitive Guide to Healthcare KPIs healthcare kpis Guide | The Definitive Guide to Healthcare KPIs A Definitive Guide to Healthcare KPIs

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The definition of core competencies.
  • The meaning of the term ‘key business processes.’
  • The reasons business processes are separate from service lines.
  • How key performance indicators help you manage your business processes.
  • The differences between key performance indicators and strategic plan objectives.
  • How to use dashboards and scorecards to track performance.
  • Example business processes and KPIs that hospitals use.