Are You Planning to Fail? 3 Ways to Build a Foundation for Growth


Are You Planning to Fail?  3 Ways to Build a Foundation for Growth

There are about 30 million businesses in the US. If I asked you to divide these companies into categories based on annual revenue, how many would fall into the $1-10 million revenue tier? How about $10-50 million, or the above $50 million tier?

These businesses comprise only about 4% of those in the US. The remaining 96% have less than a million dollars in annual revenue. And unfortunately, only a small number of them will grow into the next tier. In fact, it’s so hard to move between categories, there are only 17,000 businesses with more than $50 million in annual revenue. Only 17,000 out of 30 million!

It leads you to wonder – why do some companies struggle, while others are able to blast through the ceiling and achieve phenomenal growth? What are the common characteristics between these high-growth businesses? What are common barriers that prevent companies from being able to achieve this level of growth?

In this on demand webinar, we set out to answer these questions. For our webinar, “Unraveling the Mystery: Why Some Business Struggle While Others Succeed,” we’ll be joined by Bahaa Moukadam, a three-time Silicon Valley CEO with an extensive track record of success in hyper-growth organizations. He now teaches executives how to guide their organizations through the challenges of growth. And on the 20th- he’ll share his secrets with us.

Watch the trailer, then or go straight to the webinar.

    You’ll learn…

  • How to overcome three fundamental barriers to scaling up (including challenges related to leadership, infrastructure and market dynamics)
  • The four questions you absolutely must answer with your leadership team
  • Three execution disciplines for success and more

His methodology has resulted in massive improvement for thousands of companies, including market share gains and exponential increases in productivity, profitability and growth. Don’t miss it – watch the webinar today!

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