On-Demand Webinar | Strategy is Vanity, Strategy Execution is Sanity


You’ve invested your time, energy and resources in planning your organization’s strategy. Unfortunately, most strategy leaders invest a disproportionate amount of time in strategic planning, rather than in strategy execution! Strategy is just a useless façade without effective strategy execution, monitoring and tracking.

Watch this webinar to hear Bahaa Moukadam, founder of SeeMetrics Partners and contributing author of Scaling Up, explain how to shift the organizational focus from strategic planning to strategy execution, which metrics to focus on and how to effectively communicate your execution-focus throughout your organization.You will learn:

  • How many ‘priorities’ are too many priorities, and what to do about it
  • The must-know metrics to close the gap between strategy and execution
  • Practical ways to overcome communication obstacles to boost organizational productivity and results


Bahaa Moukadam



Bahaa Moukadam

Mr. Moukadam’s current focus is to apply his passion for success to support executives expand their capacity to lead, grow, and profit, while having more time and less anxiety. His experience as a former Silicon Valley CEO, including an extensive track record of success in international business, channel development, innovative product creation, marketing, hyper growth, M&A, turnarounds, strategic partnerships and organizational development; prepared him for coaching executives to achieve their maximum potential. He is a Certified Gazelles International Coach and contributor to the best-selling book Scaling Up.

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