On-Demand Webinar | How to Convert Your Strategy into Behaviors that Move the Needle


In this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • The biggest mistake organizations make in the goal-setting process
  • How a strong goal-setting process defines the right activities for you team
  • Best practices to cement critical behaviors into the fabric of your culture

Are you under pressure to deliver big results this year? If you're struggling to execute your plan, you can still get back on track before the end of Q2, and hit your critical KPIs.

Unrealized results and off-track plans are all too common. We know this. That's what frustrates leaders most: the gap between knowing what to do and actually being able to get it done.

As John Kotter states in The Heart of Change, “[T]he central issue is never strategy, structure, culture, or systems,…[b]ut the core of the matter is always about changing the behavior of people.”

Watch this webinar recording to get three specific steps from Todd Garretson you can take right now – wherever you are in the plan execution process – to create a culture of execution within your organization. It’s not too late to reroute and mobilize your workforce, and start moving the needle on your most important initiatives.



CEO & Chief Strategist


Todd Garretson

As an advisor, author and speaker, Todd brings a lifelong passion and expertise for helping organizations unlock dormant growth potential in people, teams and organizations. Todd has spent 20-plus years in a number of leadership roles with Hunter Douglas and Newell Rubbermaid, in addition to advising both family-owned and privately-held organizations of all sizes. A growth strategist at heart, Todd specializes in building high-performance organizations and helping owners and executives with strategic growth development. Todd’s advisory work has led top organizations to access and activate their brands in multi-billion dollar markets, establishing paths to consistent, double-digit revenue growth. You can find Todd at the intersection of the architect and the builder, with the unique skill to both envision it and make it come to life.

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