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On-Demand Webinar: Building a Culture of Continuous Growth

By Amanda Ferenczy

As a leader, you’ve likely faced the stress of ever-expanding goals and targets. Every year brings new opportunities to set the bar higher and higher. This leaves some leaders in a constant cycle of asking themselves:

  • Why are my profits down?
  • Why are we missing deadlines/quality standards?
  • Why is morale down and/or turnover high?
  • Why can’t I find good people?
  • When will I get my life back?


However, these questions fail to address the heart of the problem. Often, the problem starts with company culture. The organization isn’t set up to learn and adapt quickly, and knowledge about new learnings isn’t easily shared company-wide.

In this webinar, George Brockman of Radiant Professional Services shares how to solve this problem.

You will learn:

  • How to create a learning-oriented culture in your organization
  • Why learning-oriented organizations are more successful
  • How a few answers to basic questions can lead to better decisions across the board
  • Why a learning culture promotes better teamwork
  • Strategies to solve organizational knowledge-sharing and communications challenges


On-Demand Webinar Series | Explode Through Stubborn Growth Plateaus with Enhanced Strategy Design and Execution

By Amanda Ferenczy

Growth is a top of mind priority for most business leaders across a variety of industries. However, getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’ is an entirely different story. Leaders of major organizations are struggling with uncertainty, stress and lack of confidence in choosing, mapping and executing the right strategies.

    • Does your organization have a growth strategy?
    • One of the biggest misconceptions is that your strategic plan is your strategy – this couldn’t be further from the truth!
    • Does running your business get in the way of building your business?
    • Do you find your business delivering inconsistently on top and bottom line performance?
    • Are you susceptible to flavor-of-the-month management and multiple changes in direction?


You’re not alone – over 80% of businesses are experiencing these same frustrations.

Finally, there’s a way to get unstuck.

Watch this on-demand webinar series to learn the key elements of strategy, why they’re critical to your success and how to get your entire company strategically primed to start delivering stronger, predictable and repeatable performance.

Session 1: How to Calibrate Your GROWTH Strategy and Culture for Enhanced Performance

Key learnings:

  • The difference between strategy and culture and how to calibrate for better performance
  • Developing a strategic purpose and vision to unleash the full potential of your culture
  • How to build a strategic plan that drives your growth strategy
  • The simple and clear approach to developing strategic goals for your organization


Session 2: How to Craft a GROWTH Strategy for Your Business

Key learnings:

  • A multi-phase strategic roadmap designed to unlock and capture new growth
  • The starting point for all strong growth strategies
  • Key questions and exercises that will enhance the strategic mindset of your organization
  • How to leverage the power of strategic innovation in your business
  • Three types of growth and how to know which is right for your business


Session 3: How to Cascade Your GROWTH Strategy into a Plan That Drives Action

Key learnings:

  • Aligning your organizational and functional structure to your strategy
  • How to communicate and transfer strategy to key leaders and teams in your business
  • How to embed your strategic plan into the operating rhythm of the business
  • Tools and technology that enhance strategy execution

On-Demand Webinar: Why Some Companies Struggle While Others Succeed

By Amanda Shelley

96% of companies never cross the $1M annual revenue mark. Many companies of all sizes will struggle or fail. But why? Which barriers prevent companies from scaling up or sustaining success, and how can you avoid them?

In this webinar, Bahaa Moukadam, a former Silicon Valley CEO with an extensive track record of success in hyper-growth organizations, shares the three fundamentals barriers to success and scalability. Bahaa illustrates, using real-life case studies, why some companies are destined for breakout success, based on their ability to execute, overcome obstacles, effectively set priorities and make better decisions. Learn how to apply these same practices in your business, as well as which lagging and leading indicators are most useful and common pitfalls to avoid.

You should watch if you’re a business leader with these concerns:

  • I have a great plan, but my company continues to underperform
  • We have more people costing a lot more money
  • We’re always busy, but never have enough time to get everything done
  • I’m struggling to get everyone on the same page and rowing in the right direction
  • I’m concerned about the sustainability of our success
  • We are doing well now and we know we need better foundation to sustain our success

You will learn:

  • The framework for sustainable success
  • 3 execution disciplines
  • 3 fundamental barriers to scalability
  • Best practices for priorities setting and decision making
  • Which lagging and leading indicators to follow
  • Common pitfalls to avoid


On-Demand Webinar | Best Practices in Leadership for High Value Leaders

By Amanda Shelley

In this webcast, Bernard E. Robinson, a respected Performance Management Consultant and President of the Institute for Human Development will discuss best practices in leadership, provide insights into how you can strengthen your skills and be a more effective ‘high value’ leader.

You will learn:

  • The definition of high value leadership
  • 4 key principles of high value leaders
  • 2 critical questions used to evaluate how you can bring greater value
  • How to measure the success of your strategic goals

On-Demand Webinar | How Origin Bank gets a Return on Strategy

By Amanda Shelley

If you aren’t consistently tracking performance results of your strategic plan, how do you know if you are you getting a good return on your strategy?

Origin Bank is maximizing their return on strategy so they can be strategic, be innovative and be forward thinking to keep their competitive edge. SVP Market Analytics and Strategic Planning, Regina McNeil, explains how.

Learn how Origin Bank:

  • Measures corporate and departmental growth goals
  • Consistently manages performance across 41 locations in real-time
  • Saves time, effort and human resources when reporting on progress
  • Stays focused on the future rather than stuck in the past
  • Leverages AchieveIt cloud-based software to keep teams on track


On-Demand Webinar | 6 Keys to Strategic Planning

By Amanda Shelley

This on-demand webcast presented by Doug Gaskell of North Star Strategy and Stew Brown of Dunkirk Partners explores 6 keys to strategic planning that help you overcome common strategic planning challenges that are relevant to your industry.

Learn how to:

  • Work on your organization and not just in your organization
  • Make your plan work for you by understanding risks and looking ahead to future plans
  • Measure and execute your strategy
  • Stays focused on the future rather than stuck in the past
  • Leverages AchieveIt cloud-based software to keep teams on track


On-Demand Webinar | Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution

By Amanda Shelley

AchieveIt is proud to host author and speaker Gayle Lantz to share her insights on the strategic planning process and how success lies in connecting strategy and execution.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify and overcome common execution roadblocks
  • Three essential focus areas for smart strategic planning
  • Critical questions to ask throughout the strategic planning process


On-Demand Webinar | 4 Keys to Success: Pacing the Healthcare Transition from Volume to Value

By Amanda Shelley

In this webcast, Scott Clay, Healthcare Consulting Principal at PYA, introduces a strategic framework to establish and communicate a pace of change that fits your organization and your market.

The transition from volume to value-based payments is arguably the most significant strategic issue facing healthcare providers today. However, the rate at which this transition is occurring is different across markets and providers. Determining the pace of change is unique to each organization and is a critical factor for financial success for all healthcare providers. Move too quickly and healthcare providers risk “leaving money on the table” in fee-for-service contracts. Move too slowly and they risk losing value-based payments. Timing, therefore, is everything and varies in each market.

You will learn:

  • How government policies “set the floor” on the degree of change required.
  • How to determine your market’s pace.
  • How to identify your current position and culture related to value-based payments.
  • How to set and communicate the pace of transition consistent with your market and your organization’s culture.
  • How to bring these components together into an executable plan that all healthcare providers can use and then monitor ongoing market changes.

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