On-Demand Webinar | How to Drive ROI and Value Through Your Human Capital


As you strive to increase revenue, profit and market share, your focus may be causing you to miss a game-changing opportunity to drive results right in front of you. Your plans and budgets are finalized, but how sure are you that everyone is aligned and engaged to exceed expectations?

Transformation starts with strategically defining the business and people drivers required to change the cycle from business-as-usual to breakthrough changes with higher ROI, more value and lower risks. Starting with tactical improvements can help, but may not deliver the results you expect. Instead, you need an integrated approach that starts with the CEO and sets up every employee for company and career success.

Watch this webinar to hear Jim Villwock of Human Investment Advisory℠ explain how to transform your #1 CEO Challenge into your #1 Business Opportunity through new paradigms and roadmaps for game-changing results.

You will learn:

  • 3 reasons why human capital is the CEO’s #1 challenge and opportunity
  • What drives productivity, alignment and engagement transformation
  • How to increase company opportunity with lower costs and risks
  • The roadmap of improving human capital ROI and value


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Jim Villwock

As an advisor, strategist, author and speaker, Jim brings an extensive background as a former global executive in Fortune 500 companies, serial entrepreneur and business advisor. He is a recognized thought leader in helping companies revolutionize their competitive edge in finance, supply management, channels, and now HR, leadership and governance. Jim’s breakthrough Human Investment model is currently being rolled out through Business Transformation TodayTM to the SAP ecosystem. His passion is helping companies transform their #1 CEO Challenge into their #1 Opportunity. He is also the author of five books written to help executives and employees add ROI and value.

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