Free Strategic Plan Template

Free Strategic Plan Template

Organizing your business strategies can help you accomplish long- and short-term goals. AchieveIt helps organizations create efficient, achievable plans. Insert your information and start working on your objectives immediately with our template. Follow our strategic plan template to outline and accomplish any goal you want.

The Goal of This Strategic Planning Template

Templates help guide your strategic planning process. Using a template ensures you hit all significant points in your plan and address any concerns from the beginning. You can accurately assess your organization’s needs and input that information to create a step-by-step plan.

Whether or not you have experience with strategic planning, you can use a template to get ahead. When you fill out our template, you receive a tool to discuss with your peers and the AchieveIt team. From there, you can start working on your reflection and evaluation as the plan progresses.

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If you want to increase the success of your plan, one of our execution experts will be happy to give you a custom walkthrough using your plan details.

Just email sales@achieveit.com with an attached copy of this template or make reference of this template after filling out a form, and we’ll get you scheduled right away.


How to Use This Strategic Planning Template

We crafted this template to be the basis for your organization’s strategic plan. Every group is different, so your plan might have unique features. Your template provides a starting point to craft the ideal structure for your organization.

Follow these tips to use this plan effectively:

1. Review and Update the Plan Structure

To start, review our recommendations and enter the level names to match your organization. Match your organization’s vocabulary and references as needed to make sure everything translates.

2. Identify Strategic Themes

When you create goals for the month or year, identify any themes and commonalities between them. We have samples to showcase five themes, but you can adjust accordingly if you have more than five.

3. Create Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics

Underneath these themes, you will have your individual goals and objectives. We recommend breaking down each goal into objectives, strategies, and tactics. Involve your team in planning to ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. Ensure Your Plan Is Structured for Success

Each of your goals should have an owner and a timeline. To improve your overall outcomes, ensure there is someone responsible for each goal and a clear timeline for when the goal should end. Read our article on structuring your plan for execution and find out what you need to prepare.

5. Make It Measurable

You should have actionable items to measure your goal. Find a way to measure success that works for each one, whether by revenue, leads, or another indicator. When you quantify your success, you can see your plan in action and determine how well the goal is working.

6. Ensure Alignment

For each goal, make sure the objectives and tactics underneath support the desired outcome. If you want to increase sales, focus on implementing marketing techniques or devoting energy to your sales staff. Your tactics are smaller goals you can work on along the way to your larger objective.

7. Create a Process for Execution

Now that you have an outline for how you’ll approach your plan, be sure you can execute your goals accordingly. Have a plan to track each goal and its progress along the way. AchieveIt has tools to help with plan execution and strategy at any point in time.

Tips for Seeing Your Strategic Plan in Action

After completing your template, you may want to learn how to see your plan in action. Your template may change to accommodate your growth as you progress through the program. We can help you gauge your plan and implement it into your organization’s procedures.

To measure your success, bring your plan to life with AchieveIt:

  • Build and implement a best-practice strategic plan
  • Collect updates: AchieveIt software automatically collects updates at your preferred intervals.
  • Keep an eye on due dates
  • Increase visibility: Bring all your initiatives and plans into one dashboard that you can easily monitor.
  • Align cross-organization content: Combine your departments and groups to monitor their individual impact and encourage collaboration.
  • Improve team accountability: Have access to all accountability details and see who is doing what at any time.
  • Drive results

Get Started With Your Strategic Plan

Strategic planning gives your organization a sense of direction. You can stay on top of changes and developments and be prepared if any issues arise. With a reliable plan, you can keep your organization on track toward its goals.

Building up your programs and systems takes time and effort. Implementing a strategy can make it easier to get ahead and make your business stronger overall. You can manage multiple tasks with one convenient system.

To get started with AchieveIt, download our free template and see how we can streamline your strategic planning.

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