Board and Management Reporting Software that minimizes questions

How's that KPI progressing? Can leadership easily answer that question across the business?

AchieveIt helps connect, manage, execute, & report on KPIs & Goals across your organization -- in one single location.

Your business may be fantastic at creating KPI goals, but how well are you reaching them? Board and management reporting software tracks the data you need to reach your next goal. AchieveIt gives you the tracking capabilities and KPI reporting infrastructure you need to excel.

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What is a KPI report?

Key performance indicators are critical to understanding how well your business is progressing in its current projects. KPI reporting reveals the areas you can improve and helps you visualize the data most important to push your organization forward. Your KPI report may track indicators including but not limited to timelines, budget, quality, and efficacy. Keep track of your business's many moving parts with KPI tracking software and management reporting tools.

The challenges of tracking KPIs

Choosing which KPIs to track can be somewhat of a challenge in and of itself, and the actual tracking is another hurdle. Businesses frequently run into the following challenges when attempting to track KPIs: 

Lack of uniform structure

When your business has grown to include dozens to hundreds of employees and teams, it can be difficult to keep your structure consistent across your organization.

Inconsistent reporting

Your business may be collecting a large amount of insightful data, but is it consistently reported and easy to access? One of the fastest ways to improve your business performance is to standardize and automate reporting across all teams and departments.

Unintegrated data

Creating reports takes time, especially when you need to send and receive information to and from a variety of team members. By integrating this data and updates using software, you can cut down on the amount of time your business spends tracking down data and get back to making an immediate difference.

The power of AchieveIt

AchieveIt was designed to help businesses reach their goals with ease and keep track of KPIs along the way. With standardized reporting and real-time insights on your operation, you'll always know exactly how well your project is progressing. AchieveIt elevates your KPI reporting with the following benefits.

A Uniform Reporting Structure

With AchieveIt, you can unify your employees' data and ensure that you never waste time reformatting reports and dashboards. AchieveIt keeps your data uniform across your organization, which reduces employee frustration and helps you save time and money by letting you get back to more important things. 

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Standardized Update Collection

AchieveIt standardizes your reporting system and automatically collects updates in real-time. By standardizing your data with dashboard reporting software, you can reduce the amount of time your team spends collecting information back and forth. Your workers can get back to focusing on their most important tasks instead of chasing updates. 

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Consistency in leadership and value

AchieveIt Best in Category - FeaturedCustomers 2020
AchieveIt is a leader in Strategic Planning on G2
Software Advice Recommended for Reporting Software Mar-21
GetApp Recommended for Reporting Software Mar-21
AchieveIt named one of Inc 5000's America's fastest growing private companies


Elevate your KPI reporting with AchieveIt

AchieveIt board and management reporting software elevates your business by helping you easily track and manage your KPIs. When you're ready to transform your business, reach out to our Project and Program Management Experts. You can also request a demo to see how our online dashboard reporting software works for yourself.