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How AchieveIt partners with municipalities

Working in a municipality is rewarding. The list of things to do is overwhelming.

As a local government plan execution employee, you have direct impact on the health, safety, and overall well-being of the community in which you thrive. One of the challenges? With a direct line to the community comes an open conversation about how to make the community better. And that’s a big conversation. It can be difficult to track suggestions and handle singular requests, while still trying to execute plans for larger improvement initiatives. With so much going on, it can also be cumbersome to retrieve updates on longer-term initiatives from stakeholders who may be pulled in many directions, depending on the current needs of residents.

The execution of your strategic, performance management, and budgeting plans needs to be able to adapt and change with varying circumstances that arise in your community. If, for example, the number of roadway accidents is increasing, successful strategic leaders will shift focus as needed to address the issue to ensure safety. However, accomplishing projects that exist on a 3- or 5-year timeline may not be as urgent, but can be equally important. As a local government leader, it can be challenging to prioritize constituent requests and long-term projects with a plan that only exists in a static spreadsheet.

Municipalities look to AchieveIt’s local government plan execution platform to help their community finally make changes that matter. Your designated Customer Success Manager will work with you and your department to learn how to execute your plan with more agility, and how to leverage accountability and visibility to make your community the best it can be for your constituents.

How AchieveIt works for you

As a strategic leader in local government plan execution, a lot rides on your shoulders to make the world around you a better place. You can make a great plan for improvement, but you cannot execute on it alone. AchieveIt’s flexible, easy-to-use platform will make it quick and easy for your stakeholders to provide updates on pop-up short-term tasks and long-term initiatives – while rolling them all up to your overarching vision for the municipality as a whole. Your AchieveIt Customer Success Manager will help your team use this tool to cut out roundabout processes, so you can spend more time focusing on things that matter to your community, such as acres of park land, FEMA Community Rating Scores, and unemployment rate.

We implemented AchieveIt to efficiently collect, manage, and report agency-wide performance measures. We were hoping to better align operational activities with our Board’s adopted Strategic Guide, and AchieveIt has enabled us to do just that and so much more. The AchieveIt performance management system is incredibly flexible and easy to use from both an administration and end-user perspective, and our acceptance and implementation rates are extremely high. We actually had a 98% data entry response rate in our last reporting cycle! We’ve never seen that kind of participation before now.




Let us streamline your process

In a world of paperwork and approvals, taking too much time to track projects can stifle your ability to adapt and change. Don’t let your current process stand in your way of better outcomes.

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