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Municipality plan leaders use AchieveIt to see trends, drive initiatives, and put their ideas to work for their community

The never-ending process

Work in a municipality is rewarding, but the list of things to do is overwhelming. Health, safety, overall well-being – you oversee everything for your community. You’ve got metrics you’ll track forever (acres of park land, FEMA Community Rating Scores, unemployment rate) and need to balance them with major short-term initiatives (building a new library, organizing the inaugural Fall Festival) – but you can never get all those statuses in a single view.

You’ve got a direct line to your community, so you need to be able to communicate the value of their tax dollars at any given moment. So, you spend hours and hours tracking down data and putting it into a format or archaic database that gives some kind of visibility. Meanwhile, it’s like spinning plates to help stakeholders focus on longer-term initiatives, while never letting your day-to-day operational plans take a dive – adapting quickly to address risks as they arise. No wonder you’re exhausted.

Plant the seed for success

AchieveIt's Integrated Plan Management solution supports local government plan leaders by helping:

Get everything in view in local government with AchieveIt

get everything in view

Each department has projects they’re tracking, using their own processes and programs. Standardize your municipality’s reporting and finally get the big picture answer to the question, “How are we doing overall?”

Get everyone engaged in local government with AchieveIt


From your city manager to your admin intern – everyone’s work impacts the whole. Get your whole team bought-in by showing how each department’s work connects to shared major metrics and initiatives.

Get every possible advantage in local government with AchieveIt


You may be used to being the only person dedicated to improvement or strategy full-time – but AchieveIt Execution Experts’ only focus is to help you optimize your plan execution process.

County government solves homeless pet problem

You’re a local county government with 260,000 constituents and responsibilities from animal services to fire and rescue to building code enforcement. AchieveIt gives you a way to spot trends – so when you can finally see trending animal shelter data, you find a way to save pets and make people happy.

Make way for your modern government

AchieveIt is the Integrated Plan Management solution for local government

A lot rides on your shoulders to make the world around you a better place. You can make a great plan for improvement, but if it never gets the resources it needs, you could get stuck in the status quo of cynical complacency. Without a process to keep your many, many projects and metrics in view, there’s little hope to keep your employees engaged and focused on all the things that are happening at once. It’s just too much to manage alone.

AchieveIt is the Integrated Plan Management solution that standardizes and streamlines your reporting processes so you can spot trends and meet challenges head-on, right away. AchieveIt’s flexibility will make it quick and easy for your stakeholders to provide updates on initiatives and roll them up to your overarching vision. Your AchieveIt Execution Expert team will also help optimize your processes and plans so you can operate with more agility, leverage accountability, and make your community the best it can be. Bring it on. 

The alignment you need and the buy-in you deserve

AchieveIt engaged icon for local government

Automate everything from email reminders to ​building reports so you can spend more time executing

AchieveIt empowered icon for local government

Hold your stakeholders accountable with ownership, alignment, and due dates

AchieveIt speedometer icon for local government

Keep all your plan leaders in the know with fresh data, on a schedule that you set

AchieveIt visibility icon for local government

Make better decisions earlier with every plan on the same dashboard to stay ahead of the curve

AchieveIt direction icon for local government

Learn what other local governments are doing to build a culture of execution

“We implemented AchieveIt to efficiently collect, manage, and report agency-wide performance measures. Now, our operational activities are aligned with our Board’s adopted Strategic Guide. AchieveIt is incredibly flexible and easy to use from both an administration and end-user perspective - we actually had a 98% data entry response rate in our last reporting cycle! We’ve never seen that kind of participation before now.”

Strategic Performance Manager

Alachua County

Knock this out of the park

In a world of paperwork and approvals, taking too much time to track projects can stifle your ability to adapt and change. Don’t let your current process stand in your way of fun and exciting projects. Let us help you make your community a better place to live.