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By developing and enacting a continuous improvement plan, your business can gradually improve your processes, services, and your end product. Continuous improvement is the backbone of many major quality frameworks. It can help your business reach new heights by increasing your productivity, efficiency, and profits. But how do you begin on the path to continuous improvement? With AchieveIt as your continuous improvement software, you gain real-time insight into your operations to achieve your goals. 

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What is continuous improvement?

Continuous improvement tools help organizations reach great accomplishments by focusing on making small strides every day that align to quarterly or annual goals. Continuous improvement is best suited for process-focused industries, service industries, and software companies. Most continuous improvement methods incorporate the following cycle:

  • Plan: Create a plan for improvement by identifying weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Do: Execute the change on a small scale that's the ideal environment for observation.
  • Check: Analyze how well your small operation worked and identify areas for improvement.
  • Act: Execute the same change on a larger cycle and continue to monitor the results.

The challenges of achieving continuous improvement

The nature of continuous improvement creates a lot of moving parts that can be difficult to track. Businesses and organizations that use continuous improvement plans may run into the following issues: 


Once your organization has grown to a certain point, it can be challenging to get all of your data and reporting in one place. Between emails and meetings, reporting starts to fall through the cracks or is highly siloed. Automated, cross-organization data visualization shows your business the truth about how you're doing and the next steps you should take to move forward.

Difficulty with collaboration and accountability

One of the main factors inhibiting success in business is the lack of accountability and collaboration between teams. With continuous improvement software, you can increase workplace accountability and ensure tasks are always assigned to the right people. 

Inconsistent updates and reporting

An inconsistent reporting process leads to nothing but confusion and frustration within your organization. By standardizing and automating your updates and reporting process, you can save time on compiling updates and get back to doing what's most important. 

The AchieveIt Advantage

AchieveIt was designed to help businesses reach their continuous improvement goals and adapt to changes in their strategy along the way. Our software comes with the following features and advantages.

Real-Time Data Insights

AchieveIt gives your business real-time, up-to-date data regarding how your plan is progressing. When you use AchieveIt, you'll no longer have to wade through endless meetings and updates to get the info you need

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Increased Accountability

Delegating is essential in any organization, and so is assigning the right tasks to the right teams. AchieveIt increases company-wide accountability and shows you whose projects are on track, who could use a little extra help, and who deserves recognition for constantly delivering great work. 

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Standardized Reporting

Chances are that your departments each use unique programs, software, and formats for their reporting. AchieveIt helps you standardize your reporting methods so you never need to waste time on reformatting. 

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Consistency in leadership and value

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AchieveIt is a leader in Strategic Planning on G2
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AchieveIt named one of Inc 5000's America's fastest growing private companies


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