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All of the guts, none of the glory

Ever feel like you’re trapped in your own personal Groundhog Day? You’re responsible for huge strategic initiatives, without any of the dedicated resources or authority. Budget is hard to come by, initiative owners have their own groups to focus on, and no one can see how projects look across the company at a high level. SOS.

But your neck is still on the line for accomplishing organization-wide plans. Cross-departmental strategic initiatives just don’t get done over unanswered emails and spreadsheets, but it’s taking everything you’ve got just to try to standardize reporting and provide context for your C-suite. And you’re still working 60-hour weeks.

Your organization may be big, but your growth potential is bigger

AchieveIt's Integrated Plan Management solution can help you transform your company with the power of: 

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress


With our standardized reporting solutions, your service lines can combine their project tracking programs and progress reports so you can see your organization's gains all in one interface. This setup lets you quickly view the big picture. 


In your organization, everyone's work makes a difference and is integral to helping you achieve your large-scale goals. Show your board how each team's workflow impacts your bottom line and connects to each primary key performance indicator (KPI). 


You'll no longer be an army of one with the power of AchieveIt's Execution Experts. Our professionals can help you optimize your execution processes and be more accomplished than ever. 

Spend 90% of your time getting things done, instead of 90% of your time getting updates

No more cornering coworkers in the break room for status updates. No more headache-inducing spreadsheet compilation. No more caffeine-fueled, late-night PowerPoints.

Corporate plan leaders like you need a way to see the status of cross-team initiatives in the same standardized report. With AchieveIt Integrated Plan Management, you'll have access to real-time data in a dashboard, customizable for every level of detail – from the C-suite to the sales pit – to get everyone on the same page and pushing towards the same goals.

With AchieveIt, you’ll be able to automate data collection and report building, so you can focus on getting work done. And you’ll work with your AchieveIt Execution Experts to optimize your processes and plans to ensure the best execution possible. Cha-ching.

The features & benefits you need at the price you deserve

Automated reports, email reminders, and more so you can spend more time on your projects

Increased stakeholder accountability with strategic alignment, due dates, and ownership

Fresh and constantly updated data to help you keep your plan leaders up to date

A comprehensive dashboard that gives you the insights necessary to make better decisions

A culture of execution and accountability through strategic tracking


Strategic planning benchmarks for commercial business

Over the years, we've partnered with hundreds of organizations of all focuses sizes across the country.

Through it, we've learned what makes successful organizations excel. Here are some focus areas we commonly see.

For a plan to succeed, it must be measurable and have clearly defined terms of success. It's not enough to state you want to increase the following benchmarks — you must have a concrete percentage you want to increase them by and a strategy for how you want to achieve this goal. The following are some of the best strategic planning benchmarks for commercial businesses:

Boost productivity percentages

Money is the easiest way to see your strategic plans' impact on your business. Your healthcare organization may want to decrease its average supply cost per patient, reduce waiting time, or increase its patient satisfaction percentage.

Increase market share

Your market share percentage shows how effectively your business has cornered the market and how much room you have to expand. You should always be aware of your current market share. You can increase it by reaching out to HR and appealing to your consumer base.

Reduce energy & increase efficiency

One way to quickly improve your finances with barely any cost is to reduce your energy usage and increase your building's efficiency. 

Grow shareholder value

When you increase your shareholder value, you'll boost your reputation and profit, and get more recognition. Public companies always prioritize shareholder value and use it as one of their primary key progress indicators and strategic planning benchmarks. 

Decrease debt

If your business is currently in debt, it's important to strategically attack your debt and ensure you aren't losing too much money. 

Increase customer satisfaction

Increasing your customer satisfaction through excellent customer service and high-quality products is one surefire way to grow your brand. To enhance your customer satisfaction, consider improving your customer service and incorporating new promotions. 


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