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Don't stop when the goal is set. AchieveIt helps organizations connect, manage, and execute their most important goals and initiatives.

Setting business goals requires a thorough vision of where you want to go in the future and an even clearer organizational strategy to get there. While your organization may be fantastic at identifying and setting goals to address areas for improvement, every business could use a little help when it comes to executing those plans and tracking progress. AchieveIt works with many organizations as a business goal setting and tracking software to help identify areas for improvement and accomplish them with ease.

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Business Goals 

Goal setting is critical for ensuring that your business increases revenue, productivity, and efficiency. Ideally, your organization should have numerous goals laid out on a quarterly, annual, and multi-year basis.

Many businesses measure their performance management through a common structure like the balanced scorecard (BSC) framework that measures a business on customer service, finances, internal processes, and growth. Setting up your business's BSC framework requires evaluation of the following elements:

  • Goals and objectives
  • Measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Current and upcoming initiatives and projects

The challenges of tracking your business goals

Your organization may have put countless hours into developing the perfect business goals, but have you spent the same amount of time tracking and managing them? Without preparation, you may find yourself confronted with the following organizational hurdles: 

Lack of consistent progress updates

When your business lacks clear insights into which departments and teams are working on what, it can be difficult to accurately track how your initiatives are progressing. And manual collection of these updates often leads to wasted time and inconsistent insights.

Unclear accountability

A lack of accountability and an unclear sense of responsibility can wreak havoc on a project before it even begins. For your project to succeed, your team members need to have a clear sense of their responsibilities and a way to track their progress.

Siloed data

With many different departments, you may find that your business's data is siloed and disconnected. This disconnect can lead to inconsistent formatting and updating across the board.

The AchieveIt Advantage

AchieveIt was designed to help businesses accomplish their most important goals and initiatives. From automatic reporting and real-time updates to improved accountability and visibility, AchieveIt helps your business do it all. Improve your organization's execution and achieve your potential with AchieveIt.

Our business goal tracking software sets itself apart with the following benefits and abilities.

Improved Visibility and Data Visualization

AchieveIt automatically collects updates and refreshes dashboards across departments to help you visualize what your team is accomplishing in real time. You'll be able to make better decisions when you have the newest data at your fingertips.

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Increased Company-Wide Accountability

With company goal tracking software, you can assign specific tasks to each team and keep everyone on track. Your employees will never be confused about their specific roles, and you'll be able to see who's on track, who's falling behind, and who's excelling. 

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Consistency in leadership and value

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AchieveIt is a leader in Strategic Planning on G2
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AchieveIt named one of Inc 5000's America's fastest growing private companies


Ready to move forward with a goal setting program?

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