AchieveIt for More Accurate Analytics

Only 5% of employees understand their corporate strategy, causing poor alignment, inaccurate analytics and unacceptable results.

— Renaissance Solutions Survey

AchieveIt Captures Accurate, Meaningful Data

Capturing data that is on-time, accurate and strategically aligned is essential to producing insights worth acting on. However, most reporting tools don’t have stopgaps built in to mitigate issues that cause employees to dilute their data or report on the wrong things. AchieveIt does.


With Accurate Reports, Origin Bank Becomes More Proactive, Less Reactive

Before AchieveIt, Origin Bank’s executive team used Excel workbooks to manage their corporate strategic plan and major initiatives. Over time it became apparent that this solution wasn’t scalable, making reporting more cumbersome and insights less accurate. AchieveIt, however, offered the business a whole new trajectory.

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