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How a wellness nonprofit gained clarity on their departmental projects with AchieveIt

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Yoga Alliance in the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Their mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga. They have over 90,000 registered yoga teachers and more than 6,000 registered yoga schools.


As the largest nonprofit in the yoga community, growth among teachers and schools in communities was consistent. This growth led to strong process development, training, and change management to bring alignment across the organization. These processes culminated in a new strategic focus and the creation of their first strategic plan.


But, while comprehensive, their first strategic plan lacked alignment and clarity. Their Executive Team spent a lot of time developing their most important Strategic Initiatives, only to be left without a comprehensive understanding of what they should be doing. Beyond the plan, it was difficult to understand how departmental projects connected to the strategic plan.Departments and individuals successfully used numerous other tools for various types of plans and tracking (Asana, Trello, Excel). However, they had no way of understanding how their projects and strategies were connected.


So, they turned to AchieveIt. They manage over 60 projects in one place, and each directly aligns to their top five strategic initiatives. Instead of focusing on individual projects, they can see how many projects each department was involved in, and the exact progress they’ve made month over month. Reporting is leveraged across to the team and in reporting up to the board.


Now, less time is spent wondering how things are going, and more time is spent accomplishing their mission. They’ve increased focus on communication across the organization, tailoring their messages for resonance. Now each individual understands their role and the importance of organizational alignment.

AchieveIt Customer Story - Yoga Alliance
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A strength is the ease of use of the product. A lot of people, when they get a new software, it’s really difficult to learn, maybe it’s clunky – but they make it very easy. AchieveIt is very intuitive, especially for those people that are going to be providing updates on the key initiatives. It’s a very simple process and we can get those people trained in a matter of minutes.”

-  Charlotte Raich
Director of IT Projects and Portfolio Management

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