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How a industrial manufacturer eliminated competing data across departments with AchieveIt

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Mazzella is one of the largest independently-owned companies in the overhead lifting and rigging industries. They also manufacture and distribute a wide range of lifting products for industrial, commercial, and specialty applications.


Since it’s inception in 1954, Mazzella has consistently grown for decades through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. With a purpose to instill confidence and comfort in every interaction, they focus on providing reliable products and services, a highly responsive, knowledgeable team, and comprehensive training. Fulfilling their purpose has led to successful growth with over 30 locations across North America in their Crane, Rigging, and Metals divisions.


But, with over 40 different departments, it became very difficult to gauge the “state of the union” for how things were progressing within each department. The CEO, Tony Mazzella, was very hands on with operations and he was looking for a tool where there could consume a single source of information. Competing information across the departments created issues with reliability and integrity of updates. It was hard at a glance to see their accomplishments or where they needed to focus their efforts more.


So, they turned to AchieveIt. Competing information was replaced with one solution to house all of the department plans. Leveraging color-coded statuses and custom reports enabled a quick sense of where the entire organization stood with their initiatives. No more guessing or further clarification needed.


Now, their monthly review meetings are more streamlined and efficient. They can quickly identify and shift focus to items that are off track or at risk. The organization has become more agile in completing their projects and initiatives due to quicker adjustments. These improvements and increased accountability make the organization better at accomplishing what they set out to do at the beginning of each quarter.

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We can show how easy it is for our company to get insights and information that isn’t just related to one plan, or one project, or one department. Now, we can cut across the organization and be split up in ways that maybe they haven’t thought about or realized that they were missing in the first place."

- John Fox
IT Director

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