RealTime Medicare Data

A Health Informatics Company Seeks Scalability


  • INDUSTRY: Healthcare
  • FOUNDED: 2002
  • USE CASE: Strategic Plan Optimization and Agile Execution
  • COMPANY SIZE: Currently in 17 states and D.C.
  • USERS: 11


  • Professional services to help with plan creation, optimization, and implementation
  • Speedy training, onboarding, and buy-in with AchieveIt Customer Success Team
  • Custom dashboards and filtered reports to provide live data to make more agile decisions

About RealTime Medicare Data

When it was first founded in 2002, RealTime Medicare Data’s mission was to provide the most comprehensive and current Medicare claims data around, so healthcare organizations could develop and support their own strategic initiatives more effectively.

In the ten years that followed, RealTime became the only Medicare informatics company to provide information just 90 days post-adjudication. The company soon covered 17 states and D.C.

The Challenge

The healthcare market is dynamic and therefore requires an agile response. While RealTime focused resources on developing strategies to anticipate changes in Medicare reporting, this made scalability difficult.

Especially when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced its new price transparency initiative in 2013, the legislation created a new problem acquiring current data – that RealTime needed to continue to provide client value.

To move more quickly on data delivery, they didn’t have time to second guess their execution. That’s when they turned to AchieveIt.

The Solution

RealTime Medicare Data used AchieveIt to support a two-month strategic planning process in which it conducted SWOT analyses and held company-wide meetings to determine the value of making this quick pivot toward accelerating data delivery.

AchieveIt helped prioritize objectives, use a shorter and more flexible planning horizon, track sales and customer engagements, and conduct a more efficient year-end review.

The Results

AchieveIt not only increased data visibility across plans, but helped RealTime strategically determine their own brand’s new potential – helping healthcare organizations to identify growth opportunities and efficiencies to reduce their risks.

With AchieveIt’s ongoing execution support, RealTime has since committed to placing more emphasis on accelerating results and less emphasis on having the “perfect plan” for every possible CMS measure.

Today, they are confident that with their company’s continued focus on execution, they can better serve their clients and contribute timely and accurate information to the national conversation about healthcare costs.


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