How a local government agency drove ADA compliance with AchieveIt


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Fulton County is a positive, diverse community with a thriving economy, safe neighborhoods, healthy residents, and a rich quality of life that all people can enjoy. It is served by a County government that is recognized for being innovative, efficient, effective, and trustworthy.


As the largest county in the state servicing over one million residents, there are endless responsibilities under management by the county. Amongst many initiatives, one large responsibility was maintaining compliance with codes and regulations. The question became: where do we start, who is going to support us, and what resources do we have available?


With an increased focus on compliance, the team was tasked with transforming all buildings within Fulton County to ADA compliance. Across the county, over 7,000 items needed updating. This ranged from installing ramps, to changing door knobs, to renovating swimming pools, and more. The progress on these initiatives needed to be easily accessible by executives and county residents.


So, the team turned to AchieveIt. In addition to tracking progress, they created a dashboard that could be embedded on a public-facing site to provide an overview of everything in-progress, without forcing the team to go through every line item. These dashboards created one version of the truth, internally and externally.


Now, the team isn’t bombarding the executive team with every little detail. Through dashboards and automated metric roll-ups, the progress of a multi-year project became clear.

AchieveIt Customer Story - Fulton County Government

  • INDUSTRYLocal government
  • USE CASEOperational & strategic planning
  • DEPARTMENTStrategic services

For the executives, the lightbulb moment is the backend portion. It’s the dashboards and the multi-plan view and showing them that there are multiple ways in which they can look at their business that they’ve never been able to before.”

– Michael Rowicki, Deputy Director, Strategic Planning and Performance Management

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