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How a utility company automated data collection across dozens of business units with AchieveIt

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One of the largest energy providers in the US that owns electric utilities in four states, natural gas distribution utilities in seven states, a competitive generation company serving wholesale customers across America, a nationally recognized provider of customized energy solutions, and a leading provider of fiber optics and wireless communications.


As a multi-billion-dollar Fortune 500 energy company with assets in every area of the downstream sector, growth continued through continued acquisitions. With a new combined organization and strong momentum, the team spent effort casting a strong vision for the future with a new five-year strategic plan.


But, as more companies were acquired, it became more complex to track the progress of the plan and organization. With more than 500 initiatives across dozens of business units, it took weeks to collect information and manually create reports. And by that time, the data was already out of date โ€“ putting the organization at risk of making costly decisions on stale information.


So, they turned to AchieveIt. Manual processes and spreadsheets were transformed into a single platform for tracking the five-year plan across every business unit. Best practices were shared to set the right goals along the way, the 50+ people responsible for the plan were trained, and processes were creating, enabling an audit trail so nothing slips through the cracks.


Now, the five-year plan is sailing along โ€“ and attention was redirected towards other plans and initiatives that can be accomplished with AchieveIt. With less time spent measuring plans and more time executing them, accomplishing the biggest goals became a lot easier.

AchieveIt Customer Story - Energy Company
    Operational, Compliance, & Strategic Plans
    PMO & Strategy

When I saw AchieveIt, I thought to myself, โ€˜Man, this is exactly what Iโ€™ve had in my brain for years.โ€™ I love it. Itโ€™s a combination of great software architecture and customer support. AchieveIt has made my 
job easier, better, and more efficient.โ€

- Senior Executive
Large Utility Company

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