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Most strategy executives have help building the strategic plan, but little help with improving strategy execution. But it’s execution that separates good businesses from great ones. In order to drive successful strategy execution, you need a strategic planning software solution that gives you visibility into how you’re really executing against your strategic plan, in an easy, efficient and effective way.

How do most executives track strategy execution?  Spreadsheets. Lots of spreadsheets.  And rather than directing and managing strategy, they end up spending hours and hours hunting down colleagues, cutting and pasting from emails, combining spreadsheets… instead of driving better execution.

AchieveIt’s Strategic Planning Platform is a web-based strategic planning software solution that is purpose-built for executives to get a view into the performance and execution of their critical, high-level initiatives, which is not easy to get in either spreadsheets, email or project management systems. It features customizable dashboards (no more Excel hell!), smart email alerts and the ability to see not just your data, but the critical context behind it, so you get a full picture of how you’re executing, in an easy, efficient and effective way.

No more spreadsheets, no more hounding, no more email overload. Just real visibility into how you’re really executing your most critical strategic initiatives, in easy-to-customize executive dashboards, so you can execute with excellence and achieve better results. Learn how AchieveIt can help you improve strategic planning and strategy execution, today.