achieveit's strategy execution software vs project management tools

AchieveIt and project management tools are built for different purposes. Project management tools are designed to measure activity, tactics and lower-level tasks. AchieveIt is purpose-built to measure execution and results of a plan as a whole.

Project management tools are helpful for allowing team members to organize assignments and tasks, but they often live in a vacuum. AchieveIt shows leaders how projects align to larger initiatives, and how those initiatives support the larger strategic plan. Our Execution Insight Platform provides visibility into the execution of a plan, to show whether it’s on-track, off-track or at-risk. It allows leaders to hold people accountable for the performance of their team, business unit or region.

AchieveIt vs. PM Tools


PM Tool

Best for a single team
Designed for expert-level users
Granular project data
Big picture insight across your organization
Alignment between projects, resources and the strategic plan
Context for making better decisions
Visual overview of how initiatives are progressing
Streamlined system for providing progress updates
Tool purpose-built to drive strategy execution

The Benefits of Using AchieveIt


Big Picture Visibility

AchieveIt gives you the visibility to see how strategic initiatives impact the broader, overall goals of your organization. AchieveIt delivers the high-level overview (what’s on-track, off-track, at-risk – and why) in an easily digestible format – perfect for senior leadership!

Better Decisioning

AchieveIt gives you the ability to marry the quantitative information with the qualitative. This provides context for the numbers, so can make better decisions, faster.

Measure Results

PM tools can often leave leaders wondering if they’re being strategic, or just busy. AchieveIt was designed to provide insights into results, across business units, departments and geographic regions. It’s designed to hold people accountable for the results they generate.

Real-Time Dashboards

Custom dashboards allow you to interact with the data at hand in multiple ways. All the information is synchronized across the different views, and updated in real-time, so you never have to worry about timing mismatches.


With AchieveIt – you don’t need to log-in to provide your updates, metrics and commentary. AchieveIt users receive a single email that allows them to directly update every item they’re responsible for, across plans.

Ease of Use

PM tools tend to be very power-user centric. They typically require an advanced user to operate them effectively. Training with AchieveIt takes about an hour, and contributors predominantly interact with our system via email.