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Leading from the Center

Accomplish your most important initiatives with these 6 tips to leverage your central position in your organization.

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Leading from the Center

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  • 1-Page Executive Summary
  • How to Optimize Power & Influence
  • The 3 Roles of Plan Execution
  • Printable Diagram: How to Lead from the Center
  • Tips for Plan Execution Translators

As the champion of your strategic plan or other business plans, you’re tasked with leading two groups: the people executing the plan (the Doers) and the people determining direction (the Architects).

You face the challenge of helping the Doers feel connected to the overall business plan, and showing how their day-to-day work is crucial to the success of the company. You’re also tasked with arming the Architect with the necessary initiative statuses, metrics, and data they need to make huge strategic decisions.

You’re at the center of all this. Your role is the Translator. The goal of your work is building a team of people pulling in the same direction, tracking the most relevant information to make the best decisions. As Translator, you can unite your organization under the same cause, guide them to execute with intention, and actually accomplish what you set out to do.