How AchieveIt partners with utilities companies

Implementing your risk management and environmental health and safety plans can be challenging

With many front-line employees that work shifts or part-time hours, rolling out expectations and the reasons behind those initiatives may get lost in translation. Alignment falls away, and as an executive leader, you’re left tracking down critical KPIs for utilities plan execution and success updates in a time crunch. Furthermore, with many different generation fleets, departments, and regions, it’s difficult to scale metrics tracking – like SAIFI or SAIDI – across all groups, and keep it updated in one place.

Shouldering the responsibility to provide modern necessities to communities, utility providers are confronted with particular challenges to meet and exceed compliance standards to ensure the well-being of their customers. Information must be available to all stakeholders at all times, in one place so project leaders can focus on what’s most important – keeping their employees and customers safe and thriving.

Organizational leaders in the utilities industry can look to AchieveIt as the solution for their utilities plan execution, management, and tracking complications. AchieveIt provides an easy-to-understand software platform that keeps data tidy in one place, and an always-available Customer Success Team – who are experts in execution – to help your team stay on track.

How AchieveIt works for you

As a utilities leader, a top priority is to ensure processes are in place so your employees get the proper training and information to do their jobs safely and confidently in a high-risk environment. Once you have a solid, operable plan to do that, implementation needs to be easy to understand, relatable, and simple to track. Without adding another cumbersome process to a list of many, AchieveIt’s Customer Success Team will work with your group to use our one-stop software – so you can finally execute with ease and see the results of your efforts.

 “I don’t even have to call [my plant managers] for updates with AchieveIt. I can just pull up their plan, look at a dashboard, and I know if they’re getting their work done or not. Everything’s there all the time, online, and it’s great.” 

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You make sure your mechanics on the line and in the field have the right tools so they can do their best work. Why are you still using Excel to track your business plan?

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