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Utilities leaders use AchieveIt to track their OSHA metrics, operational plans, risk management, and strategies across the entire company

All the responsibility, none of the power

Holding a torch for your plans? Tracking risk management and Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) plans is tough enough, especially with leadership distracted by other priorities and front-line employees that work in shifts. Rolling out expectations and the reasons behind your company’s initiatives get lost in translation from the board to the floor. Then, you’re left alone, burning the midnight oil to track down and compile critical KPIs into a spreadsheet.

It’s difficult to scale metrics tracking – like SAIFI and SAIDI – across a bunch of generation fleets, departments, and regions. You’ve got to meet and exceed compliance standards to keep your employees and customers safe and thriving. Your data has to be easy to access at every level, from your Deputy Director to your Maintenance Technician, and in one place so leaders can see problems as they arise and focus on what needs attention.

Refine your processes to fuel change

AchieveIt's Integrated Plan Management solution supports utilities plan leaders by helping:

Get everything in view for the utility industry with AchieveIt

get everything in view

Each fleet has projects they’re tracking, using their own processes and programs. Standardize your company’s reporting and finally get the big picture answer to the question, “How are we doing overall?”

Get everyone engaged in the utility industry with AchieveIt


From your program managers to your analysts – everyone’s work impacts the whole. Get your work force bought-in by showing how each department’s work connects to shared major metrics.

Get every possible advantage in the utility industry with AchieveIt


You may be used to being the only person responsible for operational excellence, risk management, or strategy – but AchieveIt Execution Experts’ only focus is to help you optimize your plan execution process.


How top utility providers are responding to impending industry disruption

Learn how other utility companies are using AchieveIt to get everything in view, get everyone engaged, and get every possible advantage with industry best practices.

Conserve your energy for execution

AchieveIt is the Integrated Plan Management solution for the utility industry

Stop running in circles just to churn out reports that are outdated by the time you email them out. Tracking and reporting on risk mitigation and operational plans takes so much time that, without a process to help focus on execution, few resources are left to drive strategic initiatives. You’re shouldering the responsibility to provide modern necessities to your community, but it’s shocking the lack of specialized tools to help you push forward into the future.

AchieveIt is the Integrated Plan Management solution that automates data collection and reporting, delivering real-time dashboards on a frequency that you set so you can monitor work as it’s actually happening, instead of 3 months later. And – your AchieveIt Execution Expert team will help optimize your processes and plans and set you up with the best practices other top U.S. providers use to drive plan execution and save time on reporting. Now that’s powerful.

Regional utilities company implements effective risk management

Like other power, water, natural gas, and various utilities providers, this company was looking to improve operational excellence and risk management tracking across multiple plants in a region. With high-powered visibility and automated reporting, they’ve been able to change the way thousands of employees are kept safe on the job. With AchieveIt, this company is realizing huge efficiencies in their risk management processes.

Regional utilities company implements effective risk management with AchieveIt

The alignment you need and the buy-in you deserve

AchieveIt engaged icon for utility industry

Automate everything from email reminders to building reports so you can spend more time executing

AchieveIt empowered icon for utility industry

Hold your stakeholders accountable with ownership, alignment, and due dates

AchieveIt speedometer icon for utility industry

Keep all your plan leaders in the know with fresh data, on a schedule that you set

AchieveIt visibility icon for utility industry

Make better decisions earlier with every plan on the same dashboard to stay ahead of the curve

AchieveIt direction icon for utility industry

Learn what other top utility providers are doing to build a culture of execution

“I don't even have to call my plant managers for updates with AchieveIt. I can just pull up their plan, look at a dashboard, and I know if they're getting their work done or not. Everything's there all the time, online, and it's great. I wanted to give my team a tool that would give them some time back. And AchieveIt has done just that. We’re very pleased.”

Senior VP

Major Utility Provider

“I used to be in those front-line jobs, and half the battle was just trying to figure out where you are and getting updated on everything so that you can walk into a meeting and talk about it. Now, they can just roll into a meeting, pull up their plans in AchieveIt, skip the status update, and start making better, quicker, more proactive decisions.”

Senior Executive

Power Company

Spark your transformation to actually accomplish big initiatives

You’ve been saying it forever, but you need help getting everybody else on board. AchieveIt will help you get everything in view, get everyone engaged, and get every possible advantage.