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Even with the MGT Act-supported privileges afforded to government organizations, implementing and upgrading digital processes can be difficult. While there’s legislation-backed momentum in the industry, the actual boots-on-the-ground, daily change management is complicated. You’re dealing with organizational complexity, and spreadsheets just aren’t helping push your programs forward.

Modernizing programs and reducing costs is challenging, and it’s imperative to show value to the taxpayers. Successful execution, efficiency, and costs savings are your main focus. However, the Cloud Smart strategic push is easier said than done. How do you get your program leads the visibility they need to see progress of all of their different plans through a single pane of glass?

AchieveIt supports your IT modernization

AchieveIt’s Integrated Plan Management solution supports federal government plan leaders to help them get everything in view, get everyone engaged, and get every possible advantage.

Service - Get everything in view with AchieveIt


Get everything in view. With more visibility across all plans in one, easily accessible view, there are no oversights in your program operations.

Security - Get everyone engaged with AchieveIt


Get everyone engaged. Consolidate all your data into one secure system – instead of Excel spreadsheets – so your team can commit to execution.

Savings - Get every possible advantage with AchieveIt


Get every possible advantage. Operate with more efficiency and increase the value of the taxpayer’s dollar with optimized processes and best practices.

It's your judgment call - increase ​efficiency

AchieveIt is the Integrated Plan Management for Federal Government

You’re serving a nation, so there’s no room for wasting time and resources just trying to pull together reports to be able to do your job. You’re looking for something to help you get a better wholistic view of all the metrics and initiatives you’re tracking so you can address issues as they arise, not 3 months later. You don’t need someone who’s all about bits and bytes. You need experience.

AchieveIt is the Integrated Plan Management solution that displays real-time data from all your plans in custom dashboards that are sent out to your stakeholders on a schedule that you set. It’s easy to implement so you can deliver more value, more quickly, and start driving change. And – your AchieveIt Execution Expert team will help you create more connected and impactful plans, based on the best practices of high-performing federal agencies to help drive better results. Bonus? Get a FITARA scorecard boost and see a faster ROI from your TMF budget and IT WCFs.

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Make better decisions earlier for incremental development and to stay ahead of the curve

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Easily display key regulatory and risk reporting requirements

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More portfolio management visibility across locations, divisions, and programs

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Ensured higher reliability, data center consolidation, and more operational efficiency

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Seamlessly modernize, build, deploy, and manage plans from a single, accessible source

“On a scale of effectiveness, our process went from 1 to 10. Now, every strategic meeting is more efficient and informative, and our reporting takes far less time. We’re always looking for other opportunities to upload plans in AchieveIt and whenever we meet with our counterparts in other Government agencies we tell them they should be using it!”

Strategy Manager

Federal Development Bank

“AchieveIt helps us communicate strategically from our executive team to our front-line staff members. The platform has improved our visibility of operational and long-term planning, and is helping us track the performance of strategic elements across our entire organization.”

Facility Planner

Kansas City VA Medical Center

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