ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Strategic Execution for the Agile Business Leader


Executive leaders who devote time and resources to executing with agility are seeing strategic strides in their organizations. However, building inspired alignment throughout an entire team and company can be challenging when objectives aren’t strategic. A true agile business leader must learn to scale the benefits of agility throughout their organization to continuously improve as individuals, teams and as an organization to align around a shared vision of success.

Watch this webinar to hear Joel “Thor” Neeb, President at Afterburner – a global consulting firm that specializes in connecting corporate strategy to action – draw a line from strategic plan to agile Flawless Execution to successful impact. He will help you identify where you currently stand as a business leader and how to adapt your organization’s execution model at a high level for the most strategically-driven results.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage organizational agility to create a culture of trust and safety among your teams
  • Prepare your teams, from the beginning, to execute with agility
  • Scale successes throughout the organization

1 Rigby, D. K., Sutherland, J., & Takeuchi, H. (2016). Embracing Agile. Harvard Business Review (May 2016)  https://hbr.org/2016/05/embracing-agile/

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Joel "Thor" Neeb

As the President of Afterburner, Joel is responsible for teaching corporations around the world how to utilize the same techniques that created leaders and developed elite teams in the high-stakes environment of combat. A former Air Force fighter pilot and a background in consultative training for over 80% of the Fortune 100 companies have led Joel to help executives of all types of organizations find success through the discipline and alignment of agile execution.

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