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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Are You Working on the Right Initiatives?

How confident are you that you’re investing enough in your highest ROI initiatives? How do you know if you’re funneling resources into the wrong projects?

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Your organization’s success revolves around choosing initiatives that have the highest impact on your targeted measures. In many cases, plans are never revisited to ask the question, “Are we working on the right initiatives?”

In this video recording, Joe Krause and Danny Sehr share lessons learned from leaders who are making time for innovation by getting rid of initiatives that aren’t delivering the best possible returns. Learn how to keep score, identify gaps, and adapt your plan’s focus by balancing the sunk cost bias with effective productivity.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify missing elements of your plans by aligning activities to objectives
  • Implement predictive reporting to gain decision-making power
  • Decide what to keep/cease/change/amend, and how to pivot mid-plan
  • Decrease the number of urgent distractions, and make more time for innovation

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meet the Speakers

Joe Krause

Joe Krause

Director of Professional Services & Senior Strategy Consultant, AchieveIt

As the Director of Professional Services and senior in-house strategy consultant for AchieveIt, Joe is responsible for empowering AchieveIt clients to execute their plans. With a consultative strategic planning background, Joe has worked with clients to execute over 1000 strategic, operational, and project plans. Throughout his five year tenure at AchieveIt, Joe has experienced, first-hand, the pitfalls business professionals experience during the execution phase of their planning processes.

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Danny Sehr

Chief Customer and Product Officer, AchieveIt

Danny brings extensive experience in technology development, product management, and customer engagement to AchieveIt. He works with AchieveIt customers to set them up for success using all of the software’s capabilities, and to learn how to evolve AchieveIt to grow with today’s business leaders.