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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Stress Test Your Most Critical Business Plans: Mitigating Risk in Strategic and Operational Plans

You thought your strategic plan was bullet-proof... until the unexpected happened. We've all been there. But this year can be different.

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There are steps you can take to help lower the risk in your most critical business plans (whether cost optimization, process improvement, operational, or strategic), maximizing the opportunity to achieve your 2018 objectives.

Stewart Brown of Dunkirk Partners shares how to evaluate your strategic or operational plan for possible areas of risk, reframe initiatives to help mitigate those risks and develop an effective implementation process to get full employee engagement with your risk-optimized plan- and finally reach your organization’s goals.

You will learn:

  • How plan risk mitigation impacts your organization’s success
  • How to map risk to your plan’s goals and objectives
  • Steps to adapt your plan to mitigate risks through a “test drive”
  • Best practices for implementing a high-impact, risk-optimized plan


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meet the Speakers


Stewart Brown

Principal, Dunkirk Partners

Stewart Brown has more the forty-five years of experience in commercial banking, finance, commercial real estate, management consulting, strategic planning and implementation, risk identification and management and military command and staff positions with the US Army in the US and abroad. Stewart has held senior executive positions with a number of financial and real estate organizations, including Citibank, and previously served as Chairman of the Board at Opportunity Bank and other companies. He was a director of Community and Southern Bank, a De Novo commercial bank in Atlanta, which successfully acquired fifteen banks across the southeast US over a six-year period and which was recently merged into Bank of the Ozarks. Stewart now shares his expertise with companies through his work at Dunkirk Partners, and as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.