ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Solving the Challenges of Building a High-Performance Government

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Managing the challenges of creating, executing, and reporting on mission-critical plans and initiatives is difficult for many government leaders. Not to mention the complexities added under the Federal Performance Framework.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Review the most pressing reporting challenges
  • Understand the execution issues facing agency leaders today
  • Learn how a purpose-built system can improve performance for your agency

Watch this webinar recording as Joe Krause, VP of Customer Engagement, and Saarah Young, Senior Account Executive, share insights on the many challenges agency and department leaders face building, evaluating, and reporting on their strategic plans to meet the requirements of the Federal Performance Framework. 





Joe Krause

Joe is a co-founder of AchieveIt over the past 8 years he's helped our clients execute thousands of strategic, operational, and project plans. Joe is passionate about helping teams drive toward successful business outcomes with a focus on practical, easy to use advice. Joe graduated from Seton Hall University with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and obtained a Masters of Science in Healthcare Communication from Boston University. Joe recently completed his studies at Rutgers University where he obtained a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in finance.


Senior Account Executive

Saarah Young

Saarah has 5 years of experience working with clients in this space – specifically working in SaaS platforms & providing best practices related to cross-functional plan execution. Saarah has assisted hundreds of organizations with finding a solution to help track their most critical initiatives and ensure they align to their mission. Saarah graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia.

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