On-Demand Webinar Series | Explode Through Stubborn Growth Plateaus with Enhanced Strategy Design and Execution

Sprint through growth plateaus with achieve it.

Growth is a top of mind priority for most business leaders across a variety of industries. However, getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’ is an entirely different story. Leaders of major organizations are struggling with uncertainty, stress and lack of confidence in choosing, mapping and executing the right strategies.

    • Does your organization have a growth strategy?
    • One of the biggest misconceptions is that your strategic plan is your strategy – this couldn’t be further from the truth!
    • Does running your business get in the way of building your business?
    • Do you find your business delivering inconsistently on top and bottom line performance?
    • Are you susceptible to flavor-of-the-month management and multiple changes in direction?


You’re not alone – over 80% of businesses are experiencing these same frustrations.

Finally, there’s a way to get unstuck.

Watch this on-demand webinar series to learn the key elements of strategy, why they’re critical to your success and how to get your entire company strategically primed to start delivering stronger, predictable and repeatable performance.


Session 1: How to Calibrate Your GROWTH Strategy and Culture for Enhanced Performance

Key learnings:

  • The difference between strategy and culture and how to calibrate for better performance
  • Developing a strategic purpose and vision to unleash the full potential of your culture
  • How to build a strategic plan that drives your growth strategy
  • The simple and clear approach to developing strategic goals for your organization

Session 2: How to Craft a GROWTH Strategy for Your Business

Key learnings:

  • A multi-phase strategic roadmap designed to unlock and capture new growth
  • The starting point for all strong growth strategies
  • Key questions and exercises that will enhance the strategic mindset of your organization
  • How to leverage the power of strategic innovation in your business
  • Three types of growth and how to know which is right for your business

Session 3: How to Cascade Your GROWTH Strategy into a Plan That Drives Action

Key learnings:

  • Aligning your organizational and functional structure to your strategy
  • How to communicate and transfer strategy to key leaders and teams in your business
  • How to embed your strategic plan into the operating rhythm of the business
  • Tools and technology that enhance strategy execution

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