ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Getting Strategy Done


Michael Wilkinson (Leadership Strategies) and Jonathan Morgan (AchieveIt) discuss – from their perspectives – where planning is stalling, succeeding, and evolving. Michael and Jonathan address trends in strategic planning and plan execution for operational, change management, and process improvement plans, and how to pivot where we’re falling short.

Listen to this webinar about strategy and planning in today’s business climate, and get several examples of how successful leaders are getting strategy done.

In this webinar, you will hear about:

  • Trends in types and lengths of plans – and what’s working
  • How people are planning today, including best practices
  • Ways leaders are solving for the urgent/important daily distractions
  • Methods to implement predictive reporting to enable proactive decision-making

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Certified Master Facilitator™ & Managing Director

Leadership Strategies

Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson is a Certified Master Facilitator™ and the founder and Managing Director of Leadership Strategies, Inc. His unique talent, skills, and passion for facilitation form the core of the company’s mission and are the reasons for which he is much sought after as a facilitator, trainer, and speaker. Michael is author of best-seller The Secrets of Facilitation, The Secrets to Masterful Meetings, The Executive Guide to Facilitating Strategy, CLICK: The Virtual Meetings Book, and Buying Styles. Michael is one of the nation’s leaders in the facilitation industry. He is a board member of the International Institute for Facilitation and founder of The Facilitator Database.

He has been awarded both the Certified Professional Facilitator™ and the Certified Master Facilitator™ designations for experience and demonstrated expertise in facilitation. In 2003 he was named Facilitator of the Year by the Southeast Association of Facilitators for contributions to the field.




Jonathan Morgan

As an expert in the area of strategy and plan execution, Jonathan works with customers of all sizes to implement effective plans. As the market continues to grow, Jonathan aims at providing education, best practices and thought leadership on how execution can have a transformative effect on organizational growth and performance.

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