CHRISTUS Healthcare System


  • INDUSTRY: Healthcare
  • USE CASE: Strategic Plan Tracking, Buiness Development, and Operations
  • COMPANY SIZE: 40+ hospitals across 10 regions
  • EMPLOYEES: 30,000 employees
  • DEPARTMENTS: 3 system-wide teams


  • Implemented a flexible technology solution across 8 regions in less than 3 months
  • Rolled out tool for 2 new use cases since implementation


  • Single sign-on and automated reminder emails for ease of use and increased adoption
  • Custom dashboards and automated reports that provide real-time insights for better decisions
  • The responsive AchieveIt Customer Success Team for speedy implementation and continued partnership

Aligning our organization around a common structure, being able to drive accountability, speak the same language, and measure results were the fundamental principles behind implementing the new planning framework. Ensuring the execution of these new strategies was extremely important.

Tina Barker

Vice President of Strategy


The CHRISTUS healthcare system has a rich history as a Catholic healthcare ministry dating back to 1866. CHRISTUS Health was formed in 1999 after two large, historic Catholic health charities came together with a unique mission in the modern health care market: to take better care of people.

The Challenge

Strategic planning is something in which CHRISTUS invests heavily. The strategy management team works as a liaison between CHRISTUS’s 10 ministries and the health system’s headquarters.

Even after implementing the balanced scorecard methodology to standardize the planning framework, they still needed help managing strategy execution, tracking, and accountability.

CHRISTUS adopted a tool that met their needs initially, but eventually determined they required a more flexible and more robust reporting system. The tool was difficult to navigate, so users were resistant to entering data into the system. Tina’s team then spent hours combing through disparate data sources to find the updates they needed, and still spent hours compiling manual reports.

The process was time-consuming and inefficient.

The Solution

When CHRISTUS decided to evaluate alternative solution providers, there were two main factors they were looking for: user-friendliness and finding a system that could support the level of detailed analytics and reporting needed to truly hold people accountable.

AchieveIt gave the strategy team at CHRISTUS the ability to efficiently report on strategy execution performance, collaborate across groups, and streamline business processes.

The Results

CHRISTUS currently uses AchieveIt to track three main types of plans. Each ministry uses AchieveIt to track their portions of the organization’s strategic plan, aligned to their three-year directional objectives, initiatives, and measures. They also use AchieveIt to track their business development and operational plans.

Our team has saved a lot of time. We’ve been able to track our performance in a more sophisticated and comprehensive way. Being able to see not just how each hospital or ministry is performing, but how the health system as a whole is performing has been valuable.”

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