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Déjà vu?

Implementing a healthcare plan execution process to address critical KPIs is challenging. Without alignment? Nearly impossible. Your Hospital CEO doesn’t know what actions caused readmission rates or treatment costs to creep up last quarter, and the system-wide objectives seem unrelated to the everyday processes of your physicians and nurses.

You operate in a regulatory environment, which calls for close monitoring of metrics that can be pulled at a moment’s notice. And you need them in the full context of your health system, so you can spot trends, adapt processes, and employ countermeasures, stat. You’ve seen it before – if tracking the progress of your plans isn’t clear or easy, competing priorities will take over. Then you’re left with a half-done growth plan and no leadership buy-in…again.

A treatment plan for your healthcare strategic planning

With AchieveIt's integrated plan management solutions, you can:

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Standardize your reporting

Rather than have each department independently track their projects using separate methods and programs, you can standardize your organization's tracking and reporting and finally get everyone on the same page. 


Everyone on your team impacts each other with the work they do. From your salespeople to your CFO, AchieveIt enables you to share your individual workflow and see how your work connects to your organization's shared initiative. 


By optimizing your plan execution, AchieveIt helps you be more than a team of one. Our Execution Experts offer you help with best practices, implementation, training, workshops, and regular business reviews. 

You deserve a specialist, too

You’re in this profession to make a difference in people’s lives, not to make a dent in your inbox. Imagine spending most of your day hands-on, driving successful outcomes – instead of sending status update reminder emails and building reports. Chief Strategy Officers and other plan leaders need a tool specially designed to quickly identify which initiatives are off-track or at-risk across the system.

AchieveIt strategic planning for healthcare organizations displays real-time data in custom dashboards that effortlessly scale from a holistic view to individual project updates. And, your AchieveIt Execution Expert team is always on-call. We’ll help you enhance your plans and processes to set you up for results that make an impact, like better physician relationships and medical staff reputations and reduced patient wait time. Now that’s doing good.

The integrated reporting you need for performance management in healthcare

Automate your reminders and reports so you never leave a project behind

Show your stakeholders your progress with alignment, due dates, and ownership

Keep your teams and leaders up to date with constantly updating data

Create a culture of accountability and execution with quick setups


Writing powerful and precise strategic objectives

Over the years, we've partnered with hundreds of Healthcare organizations of all sizes across the country.

Through it, we've learned what makes successful organizations excel. Below are some of the focus areas we commonly see.

Writing precise strategic objectives is an essential component to ensure your healthcare organization's success. The following process will allow you to craft a precise strategic objective that is attainable and worthwhile:

Understand the definition

Strategic objectives must be measurable and easily quantifiable, meaning they all must include the parameters "when" and "how much." Make sure your healthcare organization is bound to a baseline, target, and time frame, as strategic objectives without those components risk falling apart before they can be executed. 

Incorporate measurable strategic goals

Your initial baselines and targets are essential for measuring your desired future performance. These actionable goals should include a quantifiable outcome by a specific due date to ensure accountability and clear indicators of success.

Strategic objective benchmarks for project management in healthcare

A good strategic objective benchmark should be numerical and easily quantifiable. The following are some good examples:




  • TIME

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"Achievelt is driving better results for that future vision that we’re setting out on, and the direction we want to take our health system. It’s ensuring that we get there and that we optimize the performance along the way.”

"It’s so difficult for hospitals to keep up with how they’re doing … because they’re using manual tools and processes. AchieveIt, through automating those processes and making it very easy to focus on their initiatives, ensures that those important items continue to be worked on throughout the course of a year."

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Get the help you need to take care of business

These are life-or-death initiatives we’re talking about. AchieveIt is the system that will help you get the visibility you’ve been missing. Request a demo today or call us at 1.800.535.1559.